Getting started: Slidebean basics.

4 mths ago

Creating a deck in Slidebean is different from any other tool you have used before. We want it to be original, easy and with powerful results.

This quick read is intended to get you closer to how Slidebean works.

We figured out a platform where compelling slides can be created with a simple choice of elements, giving you chance and time to focus on content.


So, first thing first: Content input.

The first slide of a deck will always be for the Title. There is a "+" icon below every slide to add a new one.


Use the Magnifying glass icon to import slides from another of your presentations. You can search them using keywords present on the slide.

There's plenty of elements to input your content: Headings, Bullet lists, Paragraphs Images, Charts, Video and many more. Just click on Add Element and see the complete list. This is how a slide could look like when working on the content:


To remove an element, use the Gear icon on the top right corner of the element. You can also drag and rearrange it from there.

Move to design: Serve yourself.

Once you have the content simply switch to Design, on the top Menu bar.


Here is where the slides come to life. First, make your template selection: a list of beautiful templates is available for you to choose the best one. The deck will be generated automatically according to the template and your content elements.

Then make your choice for the color palette you want on the slides, and finally the font style for headings and text. This is the menu, found on the right side of screen:


The slides will be designed alternating the colors of your palette. If you want a specific color set on a slide, find the Options menu right below the slide itself.

On this Options menu you can also align elements to be on top, center or bottom, adjust text and images size, and determine if the slide will show at once or one element at the time when presenting.


Moving elements freely can end up being rather chaotic sometimes. We don't want you to be calculating millimeters to place an image, or end up with a crowded collage slide.

You can handle the arrangement of elements from the Content tab, dragging them to be placed where you want.

Now you know the basics, go ahead and play around! Your decks will never be the same.