Collaborating on your deck

3 mths ago



Slidebean allows you to work on your presentation with collaborators.

Sometimes two heads are better than one, so if you want to have a second set of eyes or just some help while working on your deck; simply grant collaboration access. 

First, go to the presentation editor from the Dashboard and then go to Settings.



Then click on "Collaboration", add the email associated with a Slidebean account and click on "Grant Access". Your collaborators will get an email confirmation and from that point they will have access to see and edit the presentation. 

You can also remove collaborators from the deck at any moment, just click on the X next to their name.



Collaborate ≠ Share

You can share your deck by sending a link (when privacy is public or unlisted). This doesn't allow collaboration access and is just for reading purposes. When you give access to collaborators, they will be able to make changes to the presentation.

Hint: Take advantage of our Internal Notes feature to leave comments to your coworkers on each slide. Also remember that you can duplicate your presentation to keep a version control