Ensuring a clear, concise and unified brand definition across all your sales channels is an exhausting process.

Slidebean helps companies maintain your company branding in every single presentation your company makes, including marketing, sales and press. Furthermore, we provide build and customize company-specific templates to ensure every single pitch follows your defined guidelines. 


The right brand across all your content


Our team will create a custom template following all your brand requirements.

PowerPoint templates are an inefficient way to enforce consistency in your brand guidelines. 

We can customize every detail of your presentation, from color palettes, to logo position and fonts. This template will be automatically assigned to all the presentations created in your company. 



Our team will go through the process of importing your existing PowerPoint files as Slidebean presentations. Once in the platform, they'll be available company wide to use as a starting template, or to re-use specific slides. 




Upload your files

Provide us with the files you wish to import to Slidebean. They will be converted to and redesigned.





Our team manually converts and redesigns your presentations into the Slidebean format. Then, they are stored securely in our server for your review. 




Slides Encrypted

Once the process is finished, ownership is transferred and presentations are only available to you.



Non-Disclosure Agreement

Our design team is under a non-disclosure agreement and they work from company encrypted systems, to ensure your content is kept confidential at all times. 

Once the import is processed and sent to you, our team no longer has access to the slides.  


Company Templates

Once in Slidebean, the presentations you select can be replicated and used as templates for your team. This guarantees consistency across all sales decks, company reports and press presentations. 


Slidebean by the Slidebean Team

Our design team is available to make sure your most important presentations look their best. With a turnaround of less than 24 hours, you can submit your presentations for review and get them redesigned in time for the big event. 




Slidebean for Medium and Large Businesses



Import current presentations


Customized  branding

Online Collaboration


Company templates

Nondisclosure Agreement


Enterprise Encryption


Custom video exports

Design reviews by our team

Indexable slide database