Getting started: Design the slides

3 mths ago

You have your content ready, now let Slidebean generate beautiful slides for you! This is a general overview of design controls and possibilities, once you switch to the Design tab.


First, make your selection for the Template, Colors and Fonts.  Slides are generated according to your choice of these design variables. The colors on your slides are automatically arranged in palettes to save you time and have better results. This is the menu, placed on the right side of the screen:



Hint: When you activate your account, you will be able to add a custom color palette for the template.


There are also important controls under Options, right below the slide:

-Text Size: Handle size of all text on the slide at once (but the heading)
-Vertical Alignment: Decide if to align elements on top, center or bottom
-Images/Icons/Numbers: Manage size for these elements on the slide at once
-Color Set: Background and graphic colors automatically alternate. Here you can decide a specific color setting for the slide.
-Animate Elements: Decide if elements show up animated or appear all at once.
-Logo (available for Cappuccino and above users)Manage your logo placement and size from here.



Elements cannot be manually or freely moved. We want to make it easy for you and also avoid those messy slides you can end up having sometimes.

Your slides can be ready in a short time, now go and impact your audience!