export slides to powerpoint?

Can we export slides to powerpoint?

Yes! As part of our paid plans you can export to PDF or PPT :)


Social media compatibilty

Can a slide bean file post to Facebook?

Hello, Andrea here from the Slidebean team 

Yes, you can share any Slidebean presentation on a number of social media websites and we actually provide a direct share button from the Present tab :)


Free trial, what's included?

If you still haven't activated your full Slidebean account (you should!), here is some more info on what you can actually enjoy while on trial:

  • Access to all templates, color palettes and font choices to create a deck. 
  • Our pre-filled templates are available for you to try them out.
  • Live support to assist with any questions you may have (24/7 different response times according to time zone)
  • One complete presentation: you can enjoy these features to create one deck.

Our free trial has no time limit and it's intended to give you an overview on the Slidebean tool. Some of the full features for active users are, professional design reviews, redesign existing .ppt presentations or downloading your presentation in different file formats. And many others.

Enjoy your trial and make sure you join Slidebean to get the best of your decks!


How to save changes on my presentation?

If you are looking for the "Save" button while working on a presentation, don't waste your time. Slidebean automatically saves all the changes you make, every few seconds.

This is an effort to make things simpler for you and keep all the progress you make in real time. You can check the saving progress and the last time changes were saved, on the bottom right corner of your screen.


Hope this works for you, feel free to visit our Q&A if you have any questions about this.

Can I download my presentations?

Sure you can. We give you different options to download a presentation, including as a .pdf file, Powerpoint format and even as an editable Powerpoint file.


The .pdf export is a great option to share your presentation offline. It's a popular widely handled type of file you can keep for your records.

PPT export is to have your presentation in a Powerpoint file format.

The editable Powerpoint export allows you to continue to work on your presentation outside of Slidebean (if you ever need to do that). It's kind of self explanatory: we export your presentation as an editable .ppt file.

This last export takes a little longer, just because it's a manual process delivered by our design team to ensure the best result.