Manage the Settings of your presentations

3 mths ago

Settings is the control center of your presentation. Here you manage all the main options available for each deck. Find it on the top menu bar of the presentation editor, then see the Settings options pop up on the left side. Like this:



Privacy: You can edit the privacy selection for each of your decks. Every option has a brief explanation and you can always go back and change it. Find more about privacy and sharing a deck here.

Share:  Unlisted and Public presentations can be shared with anyone by sending the URL provided, or via our Facebook/Twitter integrations. While being public, a presentation can be reached by anyone through Google indexes.

Collaboration: This allows to have several people working on the same deck and even simultaneously! Just add their email address on the slot and click on Grant Access.

Tags:  Organize your decks on your Dashboard and group them using tags, keywords that relate the presentations. It also helps you browse for a specific presentation using the search field.


After you activate your account you will have access to premium settings options like:

  • Design Reviews: Submit your presentation for our design team to review it and make the best of it!
  • Exports: Request to export your presentation as PDF, PPT or full feature PPT.