Sending tracked presentation links for Presentation Insights

3 mths ago

Slidebean Presentation Insights allows you to track who has been looking at your presentations, what percentage of slides they saw and how much time they spent on each one of them.


This is how the Insights dashboard looks like. 

  1. The location of the viewer is tracked through their IP address. We have seen that over 90% of IP addresses can be successfully associated with a location. 
  2. The name/email of the viewer can be tracked if: 

      - The user already has a Slidebean account. 

      - If the presentation is shared directly from the Collaboration menu. 

      - If a tracking parameter is added manually. 

Sharing from the Collaboration Menu

1. Access the Settings menu for the presentation you want to share. 


2. Open to the Collaboration section. 

3.  Enter the email of the person with whom you want to share your presentation. 

4.  (Optional) add a direct message to the person receiving the email. 


5. Click on 'Grant Access'. 

6. This is how the email will look like for the recipient.


7. Remember that if the presentation is set to Public or Unlisted, the user will be able to access it just by clicking the link. If the presentation is Private, they will need to create an account to access the slides. 

You can find more information about the Privacy Settings here:

Adding a Manual Tracking Parameter

We understand that in certain occasions, sharing the presentation from our Collaboration menu will be impractical. If you wish to track presentation views from your own email client, you may also add a parameter to the link itself. 


1. A regular Slidebean presentation link will look like this:


2. To track presentation views for this url, you can add a '?email=' parameter to the link itself, like this:


3. Anytime the presentation is opened from that URL, a view will be added and associated to that specific customer ID.