Privacy and Sharing

3 mths ago

Presentations have different access levels and permissions, according to the privacy selection you make. Here's a brief summary of Privacy settings:



  • Public: Your content is indexed into Google search engines and could eventually be reached by anyone on the internet. You could also optimize it if you want to attract traffic to it (Our Insights feature lets you track views).
  • Unlisted: Allow reading-only access to anyone you send the link to. Non Slidebean users don't need to sign up to see your deck with this link.
  • Team: Once you set up a team, everyone in the team will be able to view all of your presentations under this privacy setting setting (this is a premium feature for active accounts!).
  • Private: Only you and people that you grant collaboration access to can see or edit your deck.

To share your presentation choose Public or Unlisted privacy. Go to the Share tab, then simply copy the link and send it.



You can also share it on Social Media directly from the Present Tab, at the bottom of the screen:



Finally, you can also share your presentations by embedding them directly on any website or blog; you can find the code to embed it on Settings as well, under "Embed Frame":