Automatic presentation design

Just add your content, your slides design themselves. 


Intelligent design based on your brand


Keep brand unity across all your content.  All presentations are automatically branded according to your company guidelines, and can be rebranded with a single click. 


Our design interface lets you define branding guidelines that your team should adopt, ensuring that all the presentations created in your company are following your branding guidelines. 


A sample Slidebean presentation

Our actual 2016 investor deck.

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Work as a team

Create team accounts and work together seamlessly with all your team, all your presentations in one place.


unified design

Keep your branding throughout your presentations with custom palettes and fonts that you can reuse anytime.


share everywhere

Wherever you are, share your presentations with everyone in any device, it will always look perfect.


privacy control

Manage your team presentations privacy and keep your information safe with our encrypted security.




Our Presentation Insights feature lets your track individual viewer activity on your slides and determine which slides they saw, how much time they spent on each one and what percentage of the presentation they engaged with. 

When trying to close deals with clients, knowing their activity on your deck is a key advantage to determine their true interest in your proposal. 


Track your viewer's actions for each presentation, from the time they spent in the presentation to the number of slides they saw. 


Slidebean is a cloud-based platform, which makes it compatible with any modern browser in any operating system. The presentation that you started on your Mac will look the same on the PC you use to present, simply access the URL. You can also share your slides with anyone and rest assured that your deck will look as stunning it is meant to. 



Embed any presentation on your website using a simple HTML script. 



The platform is built on a combination of HTML5 and Javascript. That means there's no need to install anything.


Export to PDF or PPT

No internet? No problem. Request an export and get a copy of your slides in a matter of minutes.  


Control your slides with your phone

Use our remote control feature to control the flow of your presentation from your phone. No apps required.

Slidebean is giving Prezi a run for its money.
— Jordan Crook, Techcrunch
Slidebean is like Instagram for presentations.
— Anna Heim, TheNextWeb
Presentations in the purest state.
— Erica Martin, Beekast

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