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You’ll have access to:


Account Manager

24/7 help for anything you need. It can be from general assistance with the platform to professional design reviews, just let your account manager know.


Design Reviews

Let our design experts review your slides, so they can make it look a lot better while maintaining the original concept and structure of your presentation.


Collection of Templates

Don’t know where to start your presentation? Try one of our curated templates. Our designers have carefully crafted a stunning set of templates at your disposal!



Know who saw your Slides, from the time they spent in the presentation to the number of slides they saw. Take actions based on their engagement.


Visual Resources

Get access to professional photos, icons, charts and more. Just search from our resource gallery and find beautiful, curated visuals to use on a presentation.


Team Collaboration

Work Simultaneously with your Team, no matter where you are. Forget about sending the updated version every time you make changes!