Downtime on April 14th

This morning some users experienced up to 8 hours of down time on 

Cause of the problem 

The reason for the failure was a problem with our main server. For reasons we are still investigating, our main server was shut down early morning on April 14th, which caused all requests to the site fail.

There were no software failures or security compromises. 

Follow up actions

We got the servers back online at around 10:15am ET. We are still investigating the cause of the problem to ensure it does not happen again. User data is hosted in a different, secure location, that keeps it protected from issues like the one that occurred today. 

To all the users that were affected that currently have an active subscription to Slidebean PRO or Slidebean Advanced, we are offering a refund for the subscription charges this month. 

While we don’t expect the issue to occur again, users that do not have an active subscription today that were affected by the outage will be offered 2 FREE months of a Slidebean PRO subscription. This will allow them to use the PDF/PPT export feature to keep a back up of their presentations. 

If you were affected by this outage, please reach out to us at

Thanks again for trusting Slidebean, and we really apologise for the inconvenience, 

Caya, CEO