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October 28, 2020

Networking is a critical asset for a startup in its starting stages. That’s why figuring out how to network with investors effectively becomes quite a business need, especially for CEOs and startup founders. 

The ability to build a network is an excellent skill for any entrepreneur. And people with developed social personality types and skills will naturally find this job easier to achieve. However, many of us commonly experience difficulties and anxiety. Especially when thinking about gathering the courage to go up to someone. And that can easily be the case when we need to bring up our businesses to scale.  

To help all personality types and circumstances, we came up with basic tips on networking with investors. These can make you feel confident about capturing the kind of investors you need to see your company thrive. Let’s start with the basics, as usual. 

How to start a relationship with an investor

Certainly use traditional ways of introducing yourself, if you can. Attending events is a secure way of reaching a networking goal, especially those aimed at what you want. Get a warm introduction from someone if you have contacts in common. Ask to be connected via phone call or forwarded a VC’s contact details in advance. Do what it takes before you have the conversations that matter to your startup. 

Accelerator programs are a reliable entry point to opportunities with investors who care about what you’re doing at a company level, of course. 

And definitely value being strategic about first impressions. These are just as important and meaningful. 

The era of social media in investor networking

However, also consider where networking and building relationships stand today in your market and niche. Especially with the current events on the sanitary side at a global scale, it’s no longer necessary to kick too many doors to get through to people. We have technology on our side now, and social media has the power of creating relationships. Finding the best social media apps to strengthen those with potential investors can be a determining factor in this part of our job.  

Be aware of how you use all virtual networks, though, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Done right, they can be a perfect opportunity to meet potential investors. Handled loosely, they can mean losing them. 

Business apps to track investors 

And while our personal or company social media profiles are relevant, we need to look beyond Facebook and Twitter to professional websites. Think of LinkedIn and AngelList, for example. And use apps or other tools that crank our business value beyond personal likes and reactions. 

Of course, we’re ahead of this. To help, we came up with startup tips on finding investors on LinkedIn and have the same for AngelList coming right up. Stay tuned for more!

Slidebean’s Investor Finder Tool 

Yet, better than above, Slidebean knows what it’s like to face this investor hunt. And that’s why our founders and experts came up with the perfect tool to find the most suitable investors for your business idea. With the sole purpose of meeting investors, Slidebean’s investor finder can get you 5 investor contacts for free as a sample. And have a full paid list of vetted investor contacts within 48 hours. It’s all done based on what you say about your business and the investment for which you’re looking. 

Devoted to finding vetted investors and angels across all industries, there’s a 25,000+ total of angels, VCs, and investor profiles that have been aggregated and scrubbed. Their contact information is listed, and we give you data on prior investments. The list grows each month, too! And a customized one is possible with the talent of investor search experts who can locate key investors for a given industry in no time!

Defining investors’ interest areas and their working contact info is crucial to finding a good startup match. Make the best of our investor finder tool asap and get full access to our team’s expert assistance. 

Find matching investors now


How to grow an investor network

Growing an investor network can happen smoothly in time by being active in a community. It starts by getting to know people, attending events, and taking a relevant part in blogs, forums, and even chats. 

Yet, tied to your business venture, networking is an option for mentors, potential partners, and so many more useful connections. 

Tips to network with investors effectively:

1- Create a target list

Slidebean’s investor finder tool can help by creating this for you. But, whether you do this manually or outsource it to experts, some investors will fit the profile you need or want better than others. 

Doing initial research can save time. Check out your events attendee’s lists. See who else is invited to events that matter to you. Look people’s profiles up and dig up a bit of their investment history. 

2- Get involved in every possible way

Networking can happen in unexpected places. The best one is when you’re involved in matters that matter to you and nourish your business. Get involved in your market and with the community you serve or with whom you can create new lines of business. Get to know people around you in related events and talk to people naturally. That casual mutual interest in a niche or activity can go a long way. 

3- Work on your elevator pitch

Craft the best elevator pitch, and practice it until you can deliver it naturally. You won’t regret learning useful attention-getters that introduce you and your company in the blink of an eye. You may need it, and it’s best to be prepared. There’s no such thing as too much rehearsal when it comes to your pitch.

4- Find the best way to be introduced

Whether introductions are happening by email, on social media, or phone, look for your most reliable contact to connect you. That might be a former CEO or founder, other investors, or people who share mutual interests that can come up via message or email. You can also choose to respond most professionally to a thread and impress that way. Be strategic about this. Think ahead and create the best environment for your first business impression.

Whatever you do, we wish you the best of luck connecting with investors that can support your business idea. If you ever need a hand, rest assured our business experts are available to give valuable insight.

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