Best pitch decks 2016 at TCDisrupt Battlefield NY

May 9, 2016

The Startup Battlefield at the TC Disrupt Conference has become one of the most competitive pitch competitions in the tech industry. We’ve gathered and replicated the best pitch decks from the event. These companies were selected from thousands of applicants to pitch on the Disrupt stage, which includes automatic investor and media attention, along with a few thousand qualified visits to their site.

The team at Slidebean has collected and replicated the best pitch decks from the event from the most exciting startups launching their products. Here they are:

Monday, Session 1


Beam is looking to make gaming live-streams interactive, allowing you to interact with your favorite streamer's gameplay in realtime.


The guys at Behold are building state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to help radiologists make better medical decisions, they use deep learning to detect disease from medical scans. Ultimately, their goal is to bring unprecedented diagnostic outcomes in medicine using deep learning.


Is a game-based hiring platform, using immersive mobile games to pinpoint perfect-fit candidates for jobs.


Halo focuses on neurotechnology for elite athletes. They use pulses of energy to prime the brain, powering athletes' most effective workouts: a concept they called Neuropriming.


Spinn is a coffee brewer controlled by your smartphone that automatically orders beans for you. They make Wi-Fi connected coffee machines that brew coffee using a patented centrifugal technology.

Monday, Session 2


The small team at Lumenus is dedicated to creating smart-clothing for the 21st century. They mainly focus on embedded LED lighting in clothing & accessories for consumer & industrial safety but they also have an app coming out for iOS and android.


Gitzero by Overnest Inc. is the world's first and only encrypted Git hosting for teams and enterprises. The software allows you to protect your source code while keeping the same Git workflow that your are already used to. The interface can also be used to browse code, create issues and track progress.


This start-up has created a indoor air system using biotechnology that removes CO2 and produces Oxygen. The purpose to help improve air quality by allowing people to breath healthy air indoors and also enable high-efficiency building ventilation. The air panel is disguised behind a painting which is wall mounted and powered by a standard outlet. The artwork can be designed to accent any design.


Botify is a startup thats main goal is to help Traffic and SEO Managers increase organic traffic and revenue using actionable, reliable and up-to-date data. The software tracks SEO shortcomings so that you can spend your time actually optimizing your website and seeing the results.


Step aside water filters, WaterO, is the next generation RO water purifier. The WaterO countertop water purifier sits right on your kitchen counter while filtering particles 5000 time smaller than the average bacteria. The product is changing the standard of pure water, right in the comfort of your home.

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