Business Presentation Designer: How much does it cost to hire

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Business Presentation Designer: How much does it cost to hire
May 21, 2021

There is a reason why we are meeting under the question of “How much does it cost to hire a presentation designer?” right now. And that most likely refers to gaining clarity on how much it costs to hire someone to help with your presentation design, right? Obvious. But is it, really?

Most people seek help with presentations in many different ways. Yet, they also tend to ignore the option of finding a professional or service they can afford to help with experienced business presentation design in that process. 

We own an agency. And, as a presentation design platform and a business presentation startup, we naturally have an elite team of designers working with us every single day to create winning business presentations in no time. 

We also work hard to create efficient and smart tools that make it easier and faster for entrepreneurs to come up with the most stunning presentation design. And that includes startup founders, business owners, salespeople, marketing executives, and even students! 

Let’s clear the air a little, though, as to what we mean when we speak of presentation designers, shall we? And why they help create much better presentation quality. 

What is a presentation design?

Because we will be speaking of this a lot, we just want to be clear that presentation design refers to the visual and aesthetic part of any sort of presentation. 

With Slidebean, for instance, we divide content from design into two separate tabs and functions. One of them is putting all the appropriate content into a set of slides. And another aspect is making those visually appealing, placing the data correctly, and going into efficient branding. 

Artificial intelligence does that automatically in a matter of seconds on Slidebean’s presentation platform. But, via other means, that job is also typically hand-made by humans who’ve gone through considerable schooling. These people study for years to dominate the precepts and design standards that make up compelling visual art. And that’s how we get to what presentation designers do. 

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What does a presentation designer typically do?

As the term suggests, presentation designers are people with a background in graphic design as much as branding. These are professionals who’ve gone through years of academic study to develop a professional life that makes them experts in many skills, including presentation design. Designers have strong knowledge of the standards that rule design in general, but presentation designers have it in terms of presentations in particular. They have that expertise. 

From professional handling of Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite programs as much as PowerPoint, Prezi, and Keynote, presentation designers excel at producing visual material that’s compelling to any given audience per a particular client’s desires. They’re the middle person between a company and its audiences if it helps see it that way. And they focus on engaging popular attraction in visual terms through what they do. 

Of course, we could just say presentation designers create slides. It would be easy to simplify it that way. But that would be a minimal portion of their work. 

To give you an idea, presentation designers don’t only dominate the most common presentation software, but, in the case of Slidebean, they even help build them. 

So, these are also individuals with the ability (and need) to work well under a lot of pressure. They need to be able to handle a wide array of tasks and convey what their clients demand in a way that also suits a given audience or niche. 

These professionals also typically need to balance a handful of projects at once. And they have to be able to do so in a way that stands true to a given brand’s guidelines. 

In the end, their work has to do with both internal and external stakeholders to come up with high-standard branded presentations that meet a very peculiar goal. Overall, what they bring to the table is a keen, studied, and professional eye for aesthetics and design.

How much does it cost to hire a presentation designer?

Now that we’ve cleared a full description of a presentation designer’s tasks and work, let’s address how much it costs to hire one.

As with any service, anyone can charge what they feel their work is worth, almost. Sometimes that can be a reasonable amount or set at a base given certain territory, legal or judicial guidelines. On other occasions, though, pricing is fairly stable given a particular niche or industry. 

In the case of presentation designers particularly, hiring fees can range from $5 for a slide up to even $1000s for one. The difference in the margin depends on where you go, who you call to get the job done, and the quality you’ll get. 

Open up Fiverr, for instance, and you’ll have an immense pool of freelancers bidding to take your next gig. Can you rely on what you get for a $5 slide, however? It might be the case that you do. Yet, bear in mind how your presentations are literally your presentation card. If you’re making first impressions with it, quality matters.

Corporate presentation design services

The above is why corporate presentation design services exist.

Compelling design is fundamental to attract audiences in which we’re invested. Speaking of "investment," winning investors calls for a bit more attention to the norm in regards to the slides we show. This is especially important if we're letting email do all the work for us. 

When we hire corporate presentation design services, however, pricing can vary. We can be charged for a full presentation. That means creating the entire content from scratch. Or we can send what we do ourselves manually by intuition and ask for edits in return for much better branding, image quality, design focus, and more. 

Overall, you can be looking at a couple hundred dollars for a small set of slides or even hiring a designer per hour for that range every 60-minute tick. You can also just send your slides to an agency such as Slidebean’s design services and be quoted for the enhancement ahead of time. We can come back to you in as quick as 24 hours with 2 rounds of revisions for a starting cost of $29. 

It's always a good idea to shop around a little bit to see what professionals are offering and what they’re charging. We know you’ll find in a startup such as our own the perfect foundation for trust, knowing we've created thousands of decks. 

And that doesn’t have to be costly, either. If you want our analysts to write a professional pitch deck from scratch, giving you not only the deck’s content and design, but furnishing a strategy for your new business, those can easily start at $1,799 for a full deck. 

Bottom-line, you can find all sorts of pricing in this industry for what your slides need. But the best quality and quick return times usually take a bit more budget. Don't sink in debt, though. Just seek to play the right moves by the right provider to ensure you’re getting experienced work. All in all, we hope you get stunning slides that let your business succeed - and grow. 

Best of luck to you!

Business Presentation Designer: How much does it cost to hire
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