Case study pitch deck: Uber

January 10, 2020

The challenge:

What we had as initial input material to recreate Uber’s pitch deck were slides with no design we found on Slideshare. This means we only had the plain text to work with. The challenge to redesign it was to give the Uber pitch deck a solid graphic identity that could accompany the powerful business idea they presented back in 2008. 

We didn’t just want to make the pitch deck look better, but we wanted it to convey the strong message it was carrying. We wanted it to tell a story.

Our approach:

Our decision was to invest some time researching, not only the company’s brand manual but their corporate messaging. Even though the pitch deck was directed to investors, we wanted it to graphically show the feelings, sensations, and experiences the Uber brand portrays.

The solution:

The solution for this was to redesign it relying heavily on pictures of happy people, iconic places, vehicles and roads, some of them available in Uber’s current brand manual. These elements, combined with the base text, allowed us to convey the experiences we wanted to reflect, without taking relevance away from the hard data shown in the presentation. As an additional element, we used icons. 

Image contains a car between two phones
Before (Source: Slideshare)
Image contains a man driving a car.
After (redesigned by Slidebean)

The result:

The final Uber Pitch Deck, as redesigned by Slidebean, is a flowy-looking slide deck, with alternate use of color, images, and data, that makes the presentation enjoyable to look at or to listen to. 

Image contains the final uber pitch deck
Image contains the final uber pitch deck
Image contains the final uber pitch deck

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