AzuKo: Empowering communities through design

Who they are?

AzuKo is an architecture charity. Their aim is to alleviate poverty through sustainable development. By working with socially and economically disadvantaged communities, they create culturally sensitive design solutions!

As an architecture charity, AzuKo provides insight into current living conditions, offers visions for the future and supports local communities to improve their own environments. Their pilot projects act as a testing ground for impactful solutions.

JULY-2017: $545 PLEDGED

Why we supported this initiative?

Our July pledge designs with disadvantaged communities, and empowers them to create the world they dream of. The architecture charity, AzuKo, uses design as a tool for sustainable development and provides opportunities for people to be involved in creating a more just world. AzuKo’s projects range from housing, sanitation and playspace in Bangladesh to holistic placemaking and design education in the UK.