Aiding Puerto Rico


On September 20, Hurricane Maria made direct landfall on Puerto Rico. This category 4 hurricane, bisected the entire island and drenched it with its 150 mph winds. By far, this has been one of the most catastrophic disasters for Puerto Rico. According to the Puertorican government, at least 16 people have died in the US commonwealth as a result of the storm. 

The island still has no power, with the exception of generators. Moreover, in many places, there's no water to drink or bathe in, not even to flush the toilets! Also, there's limited food and cell service, and dozens of remote villages have been completely restricted from everything for about 10 days now.


6 months ago we launched our Slidebean Contrast initiative, where we commit to sharing 1% of our revenue with organizations that are using design to make a difference, and create impact.

While design-related projects have been a rule of sorts, for us, the natural disasters that hit the Americas over the past few weeks simply can’t be ignored. We’ve been in touch with users, friends and even some of our team members that live in these affected areas, and have decided to break our rules and use this month’s Contrast grant to help communities in these countries.

This month, we are sending all our aid to Puerto Rico through Unicef, and encourage you to do the same. Puerto Rico was hit hard by Hurricane Maria and most of the country still has no power. Aid has been slow, and that is why, we felt, we could create more impact by calling your attention to them, and by helping out. If you can spare today’s coffee, send those $3 -$4 through Unicef or the Red Cross, or the NGO of your choosing.

For the upcoming months as the people of Texas, Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands rebuild their countries, more help will be needed, and often, we expect, related to design, and architecture. If you know of any initiatives that could use our help, please send them out to us at

For more info on the projects we support, check out our website.

September-2017: $555 PLEDGED