A New(er) Slidebean
Vinicio Chanto
May 31, 2018

A New(er) Slidebean

Vinicio Chanto
May 31, 2018

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Is it June already? Jeez! What a crazy and exciting year it’s been so far. Even though Slidebean undergoes constant improvements every single week, we’re usually working on bigger product improvements that we bundle up and release every once in a while.

These changes are literally a collaborative work between you and our team. Thanks to the amazing and insightful feedback we constantly gather from you, and the creative minds behind our product, we’re able to keep innovating and improving our presentation software.

So without further ado here’s a quick overview of what’s new on the latest release!

A walk through of what has changed


The first most obvious change you’ll notice is we’ve given our app a fresh new look. Clean and pretty interfaces inspire to create better documents. We hope our new face gets your creative juices flowing!


The biggest challenge when coming up with a software dashboard is that you want to provide as much relevant info as possible, in the least confusing and intrusive way. That can be really tricky! Luckily our previous iterations, user research, and product benchmarks have helped us come up with a new motherboard that makes things more accessible without getting in your way.


A quick access to each presentation will now display additional information about your documents, including visitor Insights, without having to navigate somewhere else. Having detailed information on how your audience interacts with your work is critical (and one of our most valued benefits) so we love bringing that information closer to you.


We’ve broadened the possibilities for you to start a new presentation. Whether you need to start with one of our popular templates, uploading an existing file, or simply starting a deck from scratch. Just choose where you want to start, and hit the ground running.

Speaking of which, we’ve implemented new content templates (and will continue to do so!). This called for an easier-to-navigate gallery, where you could browse different categories and find the one that better suits your needs.


We’ve also added a sleeker preview of each template, so you review and choose them more easily.


Lastly, some things have moved around in order for you to find them quicker. Like your account settings, which will now be grouped on the upper right corner.

Those are the main changes we’ve done on this release, and we can’t wait for you to go try them out!

Our ultimate goal is helping you succeed by bringing you an easier, more efficient way of creating beautiful presentations. Take it for a spin and let us know what you think.