17 Completely Free Stock Photo Resources for Design Work

In need of free Images for your work? Have a look at these first?

Photography has increasingly become more integrated into design work. However, these days’ web-based designers have been forced to sift through poorly-captured stock images that are unusable. The worst part is that most still have to pay for this bad photos.

However, in this guide, we compiled some of the best resources for finding free images for design work that are far better quality than regular stock images.

Why Do You Need High-Quality Images for Your Online Business?

High-quality photos and images can help you bring your web-based business to the next level. Whether you run a blog, shop, or other business, good images can be a great asset. Images make your site appear more appealing and boost the user experience of your customers and site visitors.

High-quality site images can also:

- Sell your product and your brand

- Increase traffic to your site

- Convert visitors to real, quality leads

- Improve your SEO



Luckily enough, most free photographs aren’t restricted by licensed domains or copyright laws. This allows you to modify, copy, and distribute the photos without asking for permission first.

However, some free photos are still under attribution laws. It’s your responsibility to research where you can legally use them in your work.

1. Pixabay 


Pixabay has a range of free stock vectors, photos, and illustrations. Plus, all their photos are under the Creative Commons CC0, which means you can do what you want to them without repercussion.

2. Unsplash


Unsplash has some of the best collections of high-quality pictures and stock photos. Unsplash regularly releases new photos every day and openly accepts new submissions. Not to mention, they feature their most impressive photos on their homepage as well. All photos from Unsplash are also able to be used totally free under Unsplash’s license.

3. StyledStock


StyleStock specializes in providing free photos for women entrepreneurs. They offer free female stock photographs that can be used for any personal or business work.

4. Burst by Shopify


Burst is a part of Shopify that offers free stock photography for both personal and work use. All of Burst’s photos are released under the Creative Commons CC0, which means you can use them however you want.

Originally, Burst by Shopify was created to help make marketing campaigns, along with websites and products for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. A wide range of their photos are business-themed and taken in-house to boost local branding.

5. StockSnap.io


StockSnap.io has a wide variety of good-quality stock images that business can use to their advantage. Plus, their site also has an exclusive photo search feature that allows you to browse through their hundreds of high-quality photos. Additionally, they select the most popular images from their downloads and showcase them on their homepage as well. Not to mention, StockSnap releases their photos under the Creative Commons CC0, which allows anyone to download or use their photos for free.

6. FoodiesFeed

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 7.16.10 PM.png

FoodiesFeed is among the perfect image resources for food bloggers due to their hundreds of high-quality and free food pictures.

7. New Old Stock


New Old Stock has an array of vintage photos free of copyright restrictions. This means that any person or business can use them without any limitations.

8. Death to Stock Photos


Death to Stock Photos sends 10 photos with a particular theme to your email to be used for any purpose you see fit. The company’s idea behind this is to help you use their photos for social media or blog posts for free. This is all due to their own licensing, which you can view on your website.

9. Kaboom Pics


Kaboom Pics has an assortment of quality stock images for a number of categories that anyone can use for free. However, they cannot be redistributed or sold due to their licensing.

10. Negative Space


Negative Space uploads 20 new images per week and released under the Creative Commons CC0. Plus, their photos can be easily searched and filtered based on color and category.

11. Gratisography


Every photo on Gratisography was taken by Bell Design’s Ryan McGuire. New photos are added to the website all of the time and none of them come with copyright restrictions. Whether you use them for commercial or personal work, Gratisography’s images will surely please.

12. Life of Pix


With new images uploaded periodically and absolutely no copyright restrictions, you can’t go wrong the Life of Pix. The website is operated by the LEEROY creative agency.

13. Picjumbo


ith categories like nature, abstract, technology, and more, Picjumbo makes it easy to find the exact photos that you are looking for. New photos are added every day. Plus, all images are completely free for both personal and commercial work.

14. Freestocks.org


All of Freestock’s images are released under the Creative Commons CC0. This site holds a huge selection of professional and high-quality photographs taken by photographers from around the world.

15. IM Free


IM Free is a bit different from the other websites on this list. The site curate’s free images from few different websites. If you want to search multiple sources at once to find your perfect image, this is the website for you.

16. ShotStash


New pictures are added every day to ShotStash’s database. These free images are available for both personal and commercial use. Plus, they have a fairly large variety of subjects and themes.

17. SkitterPhoto


If you are looking for a large selection of creative photos, check out SkitterPhoto. All photos are taken by and created by the owners of the website.

You no longer need to worry about creating a budget for photos or taking your own amateur photos. There are so many great resources out there that can be used to find free photos. Anyone of these websites would be great for use by a blogger, online shop owner, or any other business owner with an online presence.