Slidebean SaaS Financial Model Template

February 14, 2020

At Slidebean, experience has shown us that being on top of a startup's financial model and business budget can really make the difference and allow managers and founders to make game-changing decisions.

The Financial Model has become one of my main tasks as a CEO, and it allows companies to project their performance in the future, based on a set of variables. They look different for different kinds of businesses, but the math behind it is pretty much the same.

In this webinar recording, I develop a step-by-step financial modeling tutorial, using a financial model spreadsheet that can be easily downloadable and customized.

Just find your favorite medium to take notes, hit play, and be ready for over an hour of projections and numbers!

I'd love to know if you customized the model for your company and how has it helped. Let me know on social media, where you can find us as @slidebean!

Download Financial Model Spreadsheet

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