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Pitching a business idea requires something out of the ordinary. The difference between raising funds or going home unfunded can lie in how well a business presentation is delivered, or an outstanding pitch deck. For that, a fantastic pitch PowerPoint template is more than a handy tool, especially for those who don’t precisely have top-notch designing skills - or the right tools for it. There are usually a few questions around the most effective use of presentation templates, though, so we hope our tips for pitch PowerPoint templates can help clarify any doubts you might have on the matter. Here goes the first:

Which pitch PowerPoint template works best?

Especially if you’ve been looking around for templates, you can tell in a heartbeat how many of them exist online. With so many out there, how do you know which one to choose, right? 

We should start by narrowing the template search down through the use we need to give it. A presentation’s topic should undoubtedly act as a filter. And if what you need is to pitch, then that kind of decision lies in the type of startup or company you have and the audience to whom you’ll be presenting. We’ll expand a bit more on this below.

For now, note you might need a template for a market analysis instead of a full pitch one. And that concept is different from comparative market analysis, for example. And both differ from a marketing strategy template, as well. These three case variations are just an example of how important it is to narrow down why you need to present. The good news is that you can find customized material explicitly tailored to your precise need, so ease your workload by looking for what truly fits your mold. 

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Template choice: a matter of style

Tied to the above, choose a template that goes well with your company style. Even consider your style as a presenter. The better you align the presentation material to suit your overall performance, the better impression you’ll make, which is the ultimate goal. 

Working on a fit in terms of styles is a way to ensure your company, team, and overall business plan is communicated well to an audience. 

Also, just like templates vary per topic, they’ll change in style depending on the industry in which you do business. As such, you’ll find templates being styled differently for tech startups from those in healthcare, for example. A template in the food industry will most definitely vary from one in the biotech business, and so on. 

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Ease in editing goes a long way

You might have a template in the right industry, for the right purpose, and a great style, but consider the data fed into it. Find something well-aligned with your content so that you can truly make the best of the template. Why? As templates exist for editing, the more similar they are to your own, the less time it’ll take you to upload your content. 

Choose something easy for you to replace with your data. If all you need is much space for graphs and charts, or if you’re looking for something that mainly has images, go with a template that will save you time.

Also, consider the story you’ll be telling. It’s best if slide order and the position of titles, headings, bodies of text, and more per slide matches the idea you have of the presentation you need to give. For pitches, however, you need a fine mix of diverse sets of slides, so we genuinely recommend you take a look at pitch deck templates by successful startups to mount your own. 

Also, consider your ultimate goal here. Think of your target audience. A pitch for a teenage product must differ from one focused on a senior citizen service. In the end, pitching for investors requires you know to perfection who your target market is, how to address them, and what language to use. And that includes sorting your branding and business presentation material accordingly. 

Why not create a presentation from scratch?

You might be wondering why we highly recommend and focus on tips for pitch PowerPoint templates over creating your very own presentation from scratch. And, as we said above, a pitch deck needs to be flawless. Perfection needs here tie very well to impressive quality in a presentation’s design. In that sense, a pitch PowerPoint template will save many hours of design work and bring a presentation’s aesthetics to a new level altogether. 

Slidebean’s AI-powered tool, for instance, will detect a company’s logo to give a specific color palette to a whole presentation in a matter of seconds. Such actions are more accessible than trying to match fonts and colors on our own, especially if designing is not our area of study or expertise. All in all, templates, especially on an AI-powered tool such as our own, certainly cut the cost of coming up with color, font, and slide arrangement options that creation from scratch cannot spare. 

Customized design is even better

The only other option we would recommend better than relying on a pitch deck template is a pitch deck design service. We mention it as those are a professionally assured way to give presentations a competitive design. Typically functioning as a customized service with a specific fee per slide or per full pitch deck, this option is the only one that ranks above a pitch deck template decision. 

Of course, financial factors vary in this sense. Design studios or companies merely focused on pitch deck creation as our own typically have a diverse set of pricing plans. In our case, our quote calculator can even customize specific pricing in a heartbeat.

But let’s head on to a final tip for pitch PowerPoint templates before moving on with your business presentation. 

KISS your presentations

Templates help in what’s known as KISSing a presentation. The caps here refer to keeping it short and simple. What a great way to think of winning pitch decks!

The above also applies to the way presentations look. Letting your story shine through simple aesthetics is better than hiding your idea on a charged background. Templates help you stay away from bunches of text, nothing but a focus on images or summing everything up in bullet points. And even an unhealthy mix of the three. Avoid all of these overloads in choices when putting a pitch deck together. 

Instead, be true to your brand, your colors, your overall style. Always focus on telling a story. You want to make it engaging and very compelling. We truly wish you the best with your upcoming template choices!

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