What Is ClickUp?

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What Is ClickUp?
April 27, 2022

You're probably here, reading this article because you work with and on projects in some capacity. You might have even heard of ClickUp from a colleague. We all deal with projects, whether you're a member of a game project team, a project manager, or simply a freelancer who wants to create a community. In particular, we all deal with minor jobs daily.

If you work with projects in your firm, you know how quickly large tasks may get disorganized. Fortunately, over the last decade, software has been developed to assist business people in better managing their projects. Understanding ClickUp will be a lot easier if you have a good understanding of projects.

This piece will explain what ClickUp is and show you how to use it in your business. Starting with new business software might be frightening, but we're here to make it easy for you.

What is ClickUp used for?

ClickUp is a project management application designed to make your business life easier. Because they were dissatisfied with the tools available at the time, the founders opted to create a better PM tool. The end result is a simple, user-friendly solution suitable for any business.

ClickUp is a top-rated productivity platform for any corporate or freelance project. ClickUp is used for office productivity by large corporations such as Booking.com, Google, and Uber.

ClickUp is available as a desktop app, web app, Chrome extension, smartphone app, voice assistant, and email add-ons. The primary features of the ClickUp app are as follows:

• Time Management

• Process administration

• Complete workplace customization

• Task administration

• Integrations with third-party apps

• Team reporting and collaboration

To arrange and better prioritize your company's projects, ClickUp uses a hierarchy of views. The following are the tiers of this hierarchy:

• Teams.

• Spaces.

• Projects.

• Lists.

• Tasks.

• Subtasks.

These tiers start from the general with teams and narrow down to the most precise subtasks.

Who Should Use ClickUp?

ClickUp is meant for freelancers and startups, small businesses, and large companies. It aims to boost freelancer productivity by reducing the inefficiencies and hassles created by other project management solutions.

The goal is to save you time by making all aspects of project management easier and simpler. ClickUp has a hierarchical structure where freelancers can establish and identify all of their jobs for simple tracking and completion.

It gives freelancers a workspace where they can represent their organization, company, or website. As a result, you may build a single workspace to reflect all of your freelance gigs and keep track of all of your tasks in one place.

ClickUp Discount

Is ClickUp Right for You?

ClickUp project management software is one of the most popular options, competing with other top-tier PM products. The current drawbacks you think it might have are most likely temporary. Developers are always open to client feedback and follow this up with constant upgrading the program to provide a better user experience. ClickUp is worth a look if you're searching for a single online project management and work collaboration solution for both teams and solo users.

How is ClickUp different than other Project Management platforms?

The primary goal of ClickUp is to assist you in organizing basic business tasks such as sales, marketing, business development, product research, and design. If you are using another PM software, in this section, we'll explain what you're losing out on:

Tagged Comments

The "leaving notes and comments on tasks" feature does not function largely on many project management platforms because they can simply go overlooked. This problem is solved with ClickUp. It allows you to assign tasks in the comments by using the "mention feature." You can add actions to comments, convert them to tasks, and assign them to a specific colleague. Simply mark them as "resolved" when you're finished with them. Say goodbye to employees who are missing (intentionally or not) important instructions!

Free Use

The majority of ClickUp's features are available for free. Unlike most project management systems that offer free versions with unimportant features, ClickUp provides limitless tasks and members for free! Only the most specialized functions are available to paying customers.

Offline Mode Option

Unfortunately, there are times when we do not have internet access but still need to check in on our work and assignments. Many project management software programs do not include offline capabilities. This feature is only available on mobile for the few that do.

ClickUp allows you to work offline, whether on a mobile or desktop device. You can work on assignments regardless of where you are. Your tasks are also synced as soon as you have an active internet connection. When you go online, tasks that you created offline become visible. Furthermore, ClickUp's offline feature allows you to set reminders while you are not connected to the internet. This mode is accessible via web, Android, iOS, and desktop platforms.

All-in-One Function

The difficulty with project management is that it necessitates using more than one piece of software. Managers appear to favor software such as Jira and Asana. These applications, nevertheless, seem complicated and lacks multifunctional characteristics. What occurs when you utilize the tools indicated above is as follows:

• One tool solves one problem, while the other solves a different one.

• Teammates must duplicate most of the activities, which can be time-consuming.

• Each platform requires a different approach to task management.

• It is unlikely that you will get a complete picture of the project on a single platform.

Through its single multifunctional feature, ClickUp assists you in addressing this issue. It provides a single platform for managing, assigning, and executing all projects. This entails improved workflow management, the merging of several individual team meetings, the ability to examine numerous projects simultaneously, and the abolition of complementing software integrations.

Because of its multi-purpose nature, ClickUp is distinct from other tools. Every other management tool is either overly complicated or necessitates integrating an excessive number of apps. With ClickUp, you have access to all of the tools you need to complete jobs. Would you rather have all of your projects spread across multiple project management software platforms or manage them on a single platform? With its numerous features and usefulness, ClickUp shows to be a viable choice. It's adaptable, simple, and straightforward to use. Whatever your project management goals are, ClickUp provides the structure, support, and resources to help you get the job done!

How much does ClickUp cost? What is included in your version?

ClickUp provides five distinct plans, each with its own features and characteristics. The features and costs of each plan are listed below:

Free Forever

This package is free and is considered best for personal use. The following are its features:

100MB Storage, unlimited tasks, Unlimited Members, Two-Factor Authentication, Collaborative Docs, Whiteboards, Real-Time Chat, Email in ClickUp, KanBan Boards, Sprint Management, Native Time, Tracking, In-App Video Recording, and 24/7 Support.


This package costs 5 dollars per month for each user and is best for small teams. Its features incorporate all features in the Free Forever package, and the following:

Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Integrations, Unlimited Dashboards, Guests with Permissions, Unlimited Gantt Charts, Unlimited Custom Fields, Teams (User Groups), Goals & Portfolios, Form View, Resource Management, and Agile Reporting.


This package is considered best for mid-sized teams and goes for 12 dollars per member every month. This package incorporates all features in the Unlimited package and the following:

Google SSO, Unlimited Teams, Custom Exporting, Advanced Public Sharing, Advanced Automations, Advanced Dashboard Features, Advanced Time Tracking, Granular Time Estimates, Workload Management, Timelines & Mind Maps, and Goal Folders.

Business Plus

This package is best for multiple teams and costs 19 dollars per month for every member. This package incorporates all features found in Business and the following: 

Team Sharing, Subtasks in Multiple Lists, Custom Role Creation, Custom Permissions, Custom Capacity in Workload, Increased Automations & API, Admin Training, and Priority Support.


This is the last and biggest plan. It is recommended for large teams with many members. It comprises all features in Business Plus and the following:

White Labeling, Advanced Permissions, Enterprise API, Unlimited Custom Roles, Default Personal Views, MSA & HIPAA Available, Single Sign-On (SSO), Guided Onboarding, and Dedicated Success Manager.

ClickUp Competitors

Below are some of ClickUp's competitors



• Airtable












Task Pigeon 

Verdict: Is ClickUp worth the cost? 

ClickUp is an excellent solution for individual employees and small teams, providing sufficient vital features for corporations. Power-user tools may also entice users who want to increase their productivity.

Pricing is also highly competitive. Many other companies charge $9 per user, per month, or more for the same basic capabilities that ClickUp provides for free. The strict storage limits on the free tier may compel some users to upgrade to the Unlimited plan, but that's still a better value than having to pay more just to receive essential functions and features.

ClickUp is a young firm, but it provides a great product that is well worth a look. With recent deals being made with specific companies to allow their users to store every bit of their information on ClickUp, the sky is the limit. One of such companies is Slidebean. 

Startups that can now store all work done on the Slidebean platform (docs, chats, tasks, goals, etc.) 

Startups can now enjoy 30% discount on the Slidebean platform. Click this link to get started.

What Is ClickUp?
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