Slidebean is rooted in our passion for design; we believe that great design can be applied to almost all aspects of life: from how people share and absorb information to everyday interactions with our environment, and experiences with other people. 


CONTRAST is our commitment to aiding projects and initiatives that, like us, believe in great design as a way to transform the world we live in.


An important part of our team resides in Costa Rica, birthplace of our founders. Having team members from Latin America makes us sensitive to impactful causes from the region.


Every month, we invest $1 for each one of our active customers, towards people or organizations that are using design to generate impact in their communities and countries.


The institutions we support come from all over the world, but we pay special attention to efforts focusing in North America and Latin America. The projects we support are nominated by our customers.


Sustainable art meets innovative technology

Feb-2017: $198 pledged


We fell in love with this project from a fellow New York team. A few days ago, they launched their LED table light powered by the sun on Kickstarter.

The project reached its goal in May 2017 and raised a total of $12,217 from 78 backers. 


Cueva de Luz

Architecture and design for urban regeneration



March-2017: $332 pledged

In March 2017, we supported the construction of the new Cueva de Luz building in one of Costa Rica's largest slums. The 4-story wooden structure was designed to host dozens of other initiatives to teach art, design and music to the communities around them. 



The Alpha Workshops

Creating beauty and changing live


APRIL-2017: $425 pledged

We got to visit the Alpha Workshops and absolutely fell in love with what they do. They’re a unique organization that works with creative HIV-positive individuals with industry-specific training and employment in the decorative arts.


Since February 2017, we have committed to investing USD $1 for every active subscriber every month, to the initiatives that we handpick for CONTRAST. 


This required us to commit to a new level of transparency about our user base and our growth that makes us accountable to the initiatives we support, and to our own customers. 


Where your subscription goes



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*We pledge $1 every month for every active subscriber on our Slidebean Individual and Team plan.


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