The 10 Best Pitch Decks in Startup History

The 10 Best Pitch Decks in Startup History

Pitch decks are the heartbeats of the startup world. They convey a new venture’s vision, mission, and market potential into a concise and compelling presentation aimed at securing funding and paves the way for exponential growth. Some of the best pitch decks have become legendary, shaping the future of their respective industries and inspiring countless entrepreneurs. This article explores the best pitch decks in history, evaluating them based on originality, clarity, design, and impact.

Here is our list of the 10 best startup best pitch decks:

1. Airbnb Pitch Deck

Airbnb's 2009 pitch deck is recognized as one of the all-time best pitch decks. It also has long been celebrated for its simplicity and effectiveness. The pitch deck clearly communicated the market need for and presented a viable solution to an industry saturated with hotels, allowing Airbnb to secure initial funding—a $585K from Sequoia Capital—and eventually revolutionize the travel industry.

  • Problem: Highlighted the high cost of hotels and lack of affordable options for travelers.
  • Solution: Introduced a platform where people can rent out their homes and investment properties to travelers.
  • Market Validation: Showcased demand through platforms like Couchsurfing and Craigslist.
  • Business Model: Explained their 10% commission on each transaction.
Why it Stands Out:

Airbnb's 10-slide pitch deck is considered one of the best pitch decks for its straightforward presentation. It begins with a cover slide with the company’s tagline, succinctly informing the audience about the startup’s mission. The concise and compelling problem identification, innovative concept, solution, and robust market data made this pitch a benchmark for aspiring entrepreneurs. This clarity and simplicity helped Airbnb secure its initial funding and transform the travel industry. Turn your big idea into an actual pitch—get the Airbnb Pitch Deck template here.

2. Uber Pitch Deck

Uber's 2010 pitch deck was concise and data-driven, effectively communicating the potential to disrupt the taxi industry. This helped them secure substantial investments and grow into a global phenomenon. However, this pitch deck truly stands out because it emphasizes the company's vision and values. Each of the 25 slides showcases the market opportunity and competitive advantage and highlights Uber's commitment to providing a convenient and reliable transportation solution.

  • Problem: Addressed the inefficiency of traditional taxi services.
  • Solution: Demonstrated Uber's app connecting drivers with passengers seamlessly.
  • Market Validation: Showcased early success and user adoption rates.
  • Business Model: Highlighted scalable technology and convenience.
Why it Stands Out:

Uber’s focus on creating a strong brand image through values has been instrumental in the company’s success and sets an example for other startups. As they say, "a strong brand can weather any storm," Uber's pitch deck shows that building a solid brand starts from the beginning with your investors. By prioritizing its values from the start, Uber built trust with investors and ultimately secured an initial investment of $1.3 million from First Round Capital in 2010.

You can use the Uber pitch deck template to create your own deck and ensure it follows in the footsteps of one of the best pitch decks in history.

3. Facebook Pitch Deck

In one of the absolute best pitch decks, Facebook leveraged explosive growth metrics to attract investors. The clarity in presenting user data and a clear revenue strategy was crucial in securing early funding. This pitch deck also showcases the importance of adapting and evolving to stay relevant, as Facebook's original focus on college students has since expanded to a global platform for all ages.

  • User Growth: Presented impressive user acquisition metrics.
  • Market Size: Highlighted the potential market of connecting college students across the country, giving them a platform to express themselves, make new friends, and post snapshots of key moments and milestones.
  • Monetization Strategy: Discussed plans for future advertising revenue.
  • Competitive Analysis: Compared the new college-focused platform to existing social networks.
Why it Stands Out:

Facebook's pitch deck was remarkably effective in capturing the attention of investors by leveraging the platform's exponential growth. The User Growth slide showcased impressive metrics that underscored the swift adoption rate among college students. On the Market Size slide, it became evident that targeting the college demographic opened vast opportunities. Adding to this, the Monetization Strategy laid out a clear roadmap for generating future revenue through advertising. Together, these elements successfully conveyed Facebook's potential, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Borrow from one of the greats—get our redesigned Facebook Pitch Deck Template to present your next venture.

4. LinkedIn Pitch Deck

LinkedIn's Series B pitch deck from 2004 exemplifies how a strong narrative can capture investor attention and drive continued funding success. The storytelling approach utilized in the deck effectively conveyed the company's mission and vision while also showcasing its market potential and monetization strategy. This combination of

  • Vision: Outlined the vision of connecting professionals worldwide.
  • Market Rationale: Identified the gap for a professional networking site.
  • Revenue Model: Detailed plans for monetizing through premium subscriptions and job listings.
Why it Stands Out:

LinkedIn's Series B pitch deck effectively communicated LinkedIn’s mission, evolution,  and market penetration—convincing investors of the startup's viability and leading to significant funding. By emphasizing the need for a professional networking platform and showcasing its capabilities, LinkedIn positioned itself as a valuable tool for individuals and businesses. The transparent revenue model also demonstrated long-term profitability, making it an attractive investment opportunity for venture capitalists. Overall, the deck effectively highlighted LinkedIn's unique value proposition and potential for growth, leading to its successful Series B funding round.

Get the Series B LinkedIn Pitch Deck Template Reid Hoffman created for LinkedIn here.

5. YouTube Pitch Deck

YouTube's pitch deck effectively tapped into the growing trend of digital content creation and the need for a dedicated platform to share videos. By positioning itself as a solution to this market gap, YouTube presented a unique value proposition appealing to investors. Furthermore, the clear and detailed monetization strategy showed potential for long-term profitability, making it an attractive investment opportunity. This, coupled with YouTube's user-friendly interface and increasing popularity at the time, made its pitch deck stand out to

  • Market Trend: Focused on the increasing adoption of digital cameras and the surge in user-created content.
  • Solution: Introduced YouTube as a platform for posting and sharing user-generated videos.
  • Business Model: Outlined revenue-generating plans through targeted advertising and partnerships with media companies.
Why it Stands Out:

YouTube capitalized on the growing trend of user-generated content. The deck's clear articulation of market trends and a viable business model attracted early investment, setting the stage for YouTube's dominance in video sharing. The deck effectively showcased the platform's features and potential for growth, positioning it as an asset in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Additionally, YouTube's emphasis on community and user engagement differentiated it from other video-sharing platforms at the time, making it stand out to investors. This successful pitch deck ultimately led to YouTube's acquisition by Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion, showcasing its immense potential and value in the market.

6. Dropbox Pitch Deck

As a cloud storage and file-sharing pioneer, Dropbox's pitch deck set a high standard for future startups seeking funding. Its clear messaging, effective use of visual aids, and emphasis on customer benefits have become vital elements in successful pitches to this day. So, it remains an excellent example for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to secure investment for their innovative ideas.

  • Problem: Explained the inconvenience of existing file-sharing methods.
  • Solution: Showcased Dropbox's seamless file synchronization across devices.
  • Traction: Provided early user adoption metrics and testimonials.
Why it Stands Out:

Furthermore, Dropbox's early emphasis on user growth through word-of-mouth referrals played a crucial role in its success. This strategy allowed them to acquire millions of users within just a few months of launching, showcasing their potential for rapid growth and scalability. The pitch deck also highlighted Dropbox's focus on user experience and ease of use, which has been a significant factor in its continued success and widespread adoption.

7. Buffer Pitch Deck

Buffer's pitch deck is often cited for its simplicity and effectiveness. It conveyed the startup's value proposition, helping secure seed funding and grow its user base. The pitch deck also showcased Buffer's focus on building a sustainable business model, which has been crucial in its continued success and expansion.

  • Problem: Highlighted the difficulty of handling multiple social media accounts efficiently.
  • Solution: Presented Buffer as an innovative tool for scheduling and managing social media posts.
  • Revenue Model: Provided an in-depth explanation of the subscription-based pricing system.
Why it Stands Out:

The deck's concise messaging and emphasis on customer benefits have made it a go-to example for startups seeking funding. It successfully highlighted the problem many businesses face with managing their social media presence and how Buffer offers a solution that saves time and improves efficiency. Additionally, the pitch deck effectively communicated Buffer's revenue model, showcasing its potential for generating profits. This transparency likely helped build trust with investors, who saw the startup's potential for growth and profitability. You can download the Buffer LinkedIn template here.

8. Square Pitch Deck

Square is another one of the best pitch decks available. First used in 2009, it secured $10 million in Series A funding. This pitch deck highlighted the need for a simple payment processing solution for small businesses.

  • Problem: Recognized the drawbacks of conventional payment processing systems.
  • Solution: Showcased Square's user-friendly card reader and mobile application.
  • Market Potential: Assessed the extensive market of small and medium-sized businesses.
Why it Stands Out:

Square's deck remains one of the best pitch decks as it effectively showed the need for a straightforward payment processing solution. The Market Need slide highlighted the drawbacks of traditional systems, while the Solution slide presented Square's user-friendly card reader and mobile app. Finally, the Market Potential slide provided compelling estimates of the large market of small and medium-sized businesses. This helped to persuade investors to see Square's potential growth potential.

9. WhatsApp Pitch Deck

In 2010, WhatsApp's pitch deck helped raise $8 million in Series A funding from Sequoia Capital. The presentation focused on the messaging app's simplicity and effectiveness.

  • Problem: Displayed rapid user adoption and engagement.
  • Solution: Showcased their approach of maintaining the app's free status to boost user reach.
  • Traction: Emphasized the worldwide opportunities for a straightforward, ad-free messaging platform.
Why it Stands Out:

WhatsApp's presentation emphasized its fast-growing user base as a major selling factor. The User Expansion section showcased remarkable statistics on user adoption and interaction, while the Revenue Model section outlined the approach of offering the app for free to boost user numbers. The Market Scope segment also showed the worldwide opportunity for a straightforward, ad-free messaging platform. This ultimately created future trust from investors in WhatsApp's potential growth for the future.

10.Snapchat Pitch Deck

In 2012, Snapchat's pitch deck made its initial funding rounds possible. The deck showcased the unique attraction of vanishing messages and the app's expanding user community.

  • Problem: Highlighted the appeal of self-destructing messaging and more personal social media posts.
  • Solution: Created more personalized user-generated content and displayed higher user growth and engagement.
  • Monetization Plan: Explored possible income sources through advertising and premium features.
Why it Stands Out:

Snapchat's deck remains one of the best pitch decks due to its clear communication of its distinctive value proposition. The slide on Unique Value Proposition emphasized the allure of vanishing messages, while the User Engagement slide displayed impressive engagement and growth statistics. The Monetization Plans slide outlined various revenue streams from advertising and premium features. This helped persuade investors of Snapchat's revenue-generating capabilities.

What We Can Learn from These Pitch Deck Designs

The above pitch deck examples show us how to avoid common mistakes and make the best pitch deck presentations. Some takeaways from these examples include…

  • Keeping It Concise: Don't overload slides with too much text; keep them clear and focused.
  • Know Your Audience: Tailor your pitch to investors' interests and concerns to keep them engaged.
  • Stay on Point: Every slide should contribute to your overall story and purpose.
  • Show Future Profitability: Include realistic financial projections to build credibility.
  • Show Your USPs: Clearly define how your solution stands out from competitors.

Strategies for Successful Pitch Decks

There are many different strategies that can be used for creating compelling pitch deck content. Some key trends for the best pitch deck strategies include…

  • Telling a Visual Story: Use visuals like images and infographics to tell your business story effectively.
  • Using Data to Back up Key Points: Use charts and graphs to support your claims and demonstrate your product/service potential.
  • Easy to Understand Designs: Use simple, minimalist designs to emphasize your message without clutter.
  • Interactive Elements: Consider using interactive elements like prototypes or videos to enhance engagement.


The reason these pitch decks succeed is because they tell a great story. They set up the problem and solution, and use solid data to make their case. It can sometimes be hard to know where to begin. Luckily, we can learn from examples like these. It doesn’t matter if you're just starting out or are working to take your existing pitch deck to the next level. These examples show you what works.  The best pitch decks aren’t just about the slides. They’re about painting a larger picture and sharing your vision and potential in a way that connects with investors.

These famous pitch decks are great starting points for finding references for creating your ideal pitch deck. By incorporating these techniques in your own presentations, you can improve your chances of success and leave an impression on investors they are sure to never forget.

If you need more help creating your own pitch deck, Slidebean has plenty of great templates to choose from. We also offer consulting services for additional support. Our team has extensive experience helping startups tell compelling stories and get the funding they need to grow.

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