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The easiest and simplest way to promote and advertise your blog, website, business and stuff on Twitter.

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-  2 Months for Free

- Create Unlimited Links

- Auto URL Shortening

- Robust Link Tracking

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What is ClickToTweet?

Clicktotweet is one of the most useful applications for generating more engagement for your content (although we’re definitely biased).

You can encourage readers to tweet all kinds of content and easily share your message to gain more traffic, followers, and even conversions.

Moreover, you can easily view and keep track of all the links you've created in the past. Create folders to better organize links by project or campaign.

Access to edit, view stats and copy your links are all easily accessible.

Slidebean has partnered with Clicktotweet to offer 2 months free when upgrading your account!

By applying with our organization, you'll be able to have unlimited links, tracking, statistics, demographics, and more, without the ads!

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