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A simple CRM software platform designed for startups and small businesses
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50% annual plan

What is Bigin?

We believe every business needs a CRM, no matter how small they are. Being small is not an excuse for businesses to continue using inefficient spreadsheets for their customer-related operations. With Bigin, we're looking to provide a user-friendly CRM packed with the right features, and most importantly, for the right price. Bigin removes the complexity associated with full-blown CRMs, making it easy for its users to set up, track day-to-day activities, manage customer relationships, and ultimately grow faster.CRMs are built with one core objective—to manage lead and customer relations across the different stages of the sales pipeline. All the bells and whistles come much later.Bigin brings you everything you need in a solid CRM with a "less is more" approach. It comfortably balances the power of CRM with the simplicity of a spreadsheet at a fraction of the cost. Bigin is light, agile, and effortless—you can set it up from scratch, and get started in 30 minutes or less.

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