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ChartMogul lets SaaS teams measure, understand, and grow their recurring revenue

$600 Off ($50 off for 12 months)

Deal Value:
$600 Off ($50 off for 12 months)

What is ChartMogul?

Chartmogul's goal is to make your life easier by providing you with accurate, high-level data that will help guide the future of your SaaS business. Stay on top of churn, retention, your MRR, and much more. Chartmogul has created new categories and tools for a more comprehensive analytics coverage than ever before, so all business areas can be profitable from day one.The modern SaaS business needs to be able to measure their metrics but also understand how they change over time. Chartmogul's set of tools provide both accurate and timely data for decision making purposes - it's hardball analytics at its finest! Our analytics products will help you solve all these problems and let you manage your business with confidence.

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