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CrazyEgg provides a host of interesting information about your users.

Deal Features:

- 3 months free in the platform.

- Know the percentage breakdown of clicks on all your webpage elements.

- Watch real people move through your site. You'll see exactly where they get stuck and what they really want to do.

- A/B Testing to see exactly how your changes impact your business.

Deal Value:

What is 



CrazyEgg is a fantastic website optimization tool that lets you get an insight of customer behavior on your website, such as knowing exactly where visitors are clicking on your site.  

From heat maps, scroll maps, overlay, and confetti, you can have more control over your business strategies through useful tools.  

Whether it’s your Facebook page, Twitter or other sources, you get to know which of your social media sites are doing well to get more traffic to your website. Also, you can make better decisions to optimize and design your web pages.

Slidebean has partnered with CrazyEgg to offer 3 months for free in the platform! By applying with our organization, you will be improving what's working, fixing what isn't and testing new ideas in your site.

Redemption Instructions

- Go to this link:

- Add your website's URL-Fill out the required information.

- You're all set!*The deal is only available to new users

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