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Write the best email every time without manual copying and pasting.

Deal Features:

- 25% discount on any of Mixmax's yearly plans.

- Salesforce API integration.

- Basic team performance reports.

- Shared sequences.

- Round-robin team calendaring.

- Custom branded emails & landing pages.

- Basic workflow automation.

Deal Value:

What is 



Mixmax is an email tool for Google Gmail that updates it via a plugin to add a bunch of stuff to your Gmail to make it, well, functional.  

By adding Mixmax to your Chrome, you can do business and be productive at the same time! Instead of the frustrating back and forth of trying to find a calendar time that works for your pointless meeting, you can send an email with one-click scheduling embedded right in the email.

You can also set up entire email chains that react to certain things (whether someone read/didn't read/didn't respond/responded to an email). All without doing a thing, and all intelligently knowing exactly when the best time is to email a person.

Because we all love email tracking. Slidebean has partnered with Mixmax to offer a 25% discount on their yearly plan.

By applying with our organization, you'll have powerful analytics, automation, and enhancements for your outbound communications.

Redemption Instructions

- Go to this link:

- Pick the yearly plan that best fits your needs.

-Fill out the required information.

- You're all set!

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