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Complete redesign of your slides with premium graphic resources and a custom-made template. Our designers redo your slides entirely.

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*We work with editable information only. See FAQs below.
**Delivery times are handled during business hours. See our working schedule below.



Can you develop a complete presentation from scratch based on my content?

Short answer, no. The goal of the Design Services we offer is to help our users improve the look and feel of their existing slides, developing them from scratch involves a level of knowledge about the company/product/topic that only their owners have.


What kind of file can I upload?

We can work with editable PowerPoint and Keynote files. Our Presentation Redesign Service also has a minimal file content requirement. An original presentation file that contains a clear information structure, with at least a basic set of slides with their specific content clearly defined, that can work as starting point for our designers to create the new version.


What happens with non-editable data included in my slides?

i.e. diagrams, infographics, charts and tables.

Non-editable data is left intact, and is not included in the redesign process. Our team cannot work with static information they can’t copy, edit or re-interpret. They will however transfer it to the updated version just as it appears on the original file.


What happens if I uploaded a presentation with more slides than what I paid for? 

Our team will only work on the amount of slides stated upon purchase, and mentioned on the first contact. If more slides are uploaded we will contact you to find out which ones to work with.


Am I allowed a revision after the finished version is sent?

Yes, you are. Each service accounts for a number of revisions which are handled as follows:

  • Presentation Redesign - Standard 96 hours: 2 revisions, 48 h. delivery each.

  • Presentation Redesign - Expedited 48 hours: 2 revisions, 36 h. delivery each.

    What schedule does our design team work with?

Our working schedule is Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.


When does delivery time start running?

The delivery time starts running after the first call with our design team.


Does your team work under an NDA?

Yes, our design team works under a non-disclosure agreement, and from secure servers and encrypted protocols, to ensure that your content is kept confidential at all times. Once the project is completed and delivered, our team will no longer have access to your slides.


What can be changed on revisions after the first version is delivered?

The presentation needs are defined when you have the first contact with our design team. Once you receive the first version we can work on small visual changes, layout adjustments, image selection and other related tweaks. Revisions do not include the incorporation of any new ideas or graphics.


Can you create videos or infographics for my presentation?

Our services do not include the production of videos or the design of infographics.

Where can I read the terms of use for the Redesign Service?

You can take a look at the “Terms of Service” over here.