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A password manager, digital vault, form filler and secure digital wallet.

Deal Features:
- 6 months free of 1Password for yourself, your team, or your family.
- Secure your entire team or business.
- Have full control over who has access to your most important information.

*Deal only available to new 1Password customers.

Deal Value:

What is 1Password?

1Password is a password manager that lets you log into your recurring sites using only that one password you made. It's like magic! You can also keep track of secure notes, password numbers, medical information, frequent flyer numbers, and even your credit cards.

Does putting all of your passwords in one app sound scary? It shouldn't. As long as you never tell anybody your "one password" (that you don't use for anything else), you have nothing to worry about.

Slidebean partnered with 1Password to offer up to 6 months for free in any of their plans! By applying with our organization, you will be saving your passwords and logging in to sites with a single click.

It's that simple.

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