An intro to the Content Editor

This article is an introduction to the Content Editor. For a more in-depth reading visit The Content Editor category in our Knowledge base. 

The Content Editor lets you: 

  • Add, edit or remove slides. 
    • Add or remove elements inside a slide. 
  • Reorder the slides on your presentation. 
  • Make basic adjustments to the content, using the WYSIWYG editor. 


UNDERSTANDING Slides and Elements

First, it's important to understand the difference between a Slide and an Element. 

An element is a piece of content, like an image, a chart or a paragraph. Elements in Slidebean are arranged automatically. On the other hand, a slide is made up of one or more elements. Here's what you can do with slides.

Adding elements to a slide

The Add Content button lets you insert additional elements into a slide. An element may be an Image, a Chart, a Quote or a regular Paragraph.

For a more detailed list of the elements available, visit the Elements section in our blog. 



(what you see is what you get)

When you highlight a block of text on the Content Menu, the WYSIWYG editor will appear. This menu will allow you to make small changes to specific parts of your content. 

For example, if you want to make a piece of your content BOLD, or Italic, you can do that with the WYSIWYG menu. You may also add links, enlarge or shrink specific words, or use the X button to remove all formatting.