Creating your first presentation on Slidebean

Welcome to Slidebean! You'll now be able to create impressive presentations that will wow your audience. Before we begin we want to underline a key concept behind Slidebean, which is, the separation of content creation and graphic design: 

First you just add the content of all the slides, then the design is generated automatically by Slidebean.

We host a weekly webinar on the basics of using Slidebean.

You can sign up here: 

In order to accomplish this, Slidebean provides two views: Content and Design. Content allows you to to add the content of your slides: images, charts and text.  In Design, your presentation is formatted automatically and you can change additional details about the look. 

Let's create a quick presentation

1. In your dashboard, click on New Presentation.

2. Select a privacy setting. You can read more about the options here

3. This time, we'll use one of our content templates. You can always start a presentation from scratch, but we'll look into that later. For now, let's select the Airbnb Pitch Deck Template. 

4. This will create a duplicate of Airbnb's deck that you'll be able to edit in its entirety. 

Editing the content

In the content section, you'll be able to edit all the content of the slides. 

1. Let's start with the title. Replace the content of the slides with your own. 

2. Also, lets add a background image. Click on the ADD CONTENT button and select Background.

3. Slidebean features a gallery of images provided by Flickr. Simply type your query on the box, and select the image you need. 

You can add or remove elements from any slide. Some elements have a maximum number of times they can be added to a single slide, to prevent overcrowding. You can find more about that here. 


Working the design

Go ahead and click on Design. 

1. Open the design menu by hovering on the design options. 


2. Click on Formulas and select one that matches the purpose of your slides. This changes the style of all the presentation, to ensure a unified design is kept across all your content. You can change this as many times as you want. 


3. You can dig deeper into your design, by choosing a specific font or color palette. You can find more details about that here. 

4. Once you are done, with editing your style, you can change slide-specific options, like font size or image cropping. 

5. You can also move elements around by simply dragging them around the slide. 


Once your are done with the design, you are ready to present. Click on the present button on the top menu. 

This will take you to your public presentation page. If you set your slides to Public or Unlisted, you can share this link with anybody, and they'll be able to access the content of your slides. If your presentation is Private, this will only be accessible to you.