Presentation Insights

Insights are analytics to your slides. Track views and activity on your slides whenever you're sharing a deck.

To access Insights from your Dashboard, hover over the presentation and clicking on Insights.

From the presentation editor, on the top menu bar, find Insights as the last option.

Once in, there's different reports you can run. Total views, Average time per slide and Views per slide. Also find results from different time periods from 7 days to 12 months.

A log from all viewers and their data is displayed on the left box. When the viewer is not registered to Slidebean it will show as anonymous. Learn how to send trackable URL for specific viewers you share the slides with (link to Sending tracked email).

On the right box there's a graph displaying the data from the metric you're currently viewing.

Insights are specially helpful when trying to sense the interest on your slides, from different qualified viewers like investors or clients, to any other audience.