Using Live Mode while Presenting

Live Mode will allow you to control the flow of your presentation even if you're not on the same room with your audience. In other words, when you move through the slides of your presentation the flow will be synced for anyone watching it. 

To use Live Mode: 

  1. Share the presentation URL with your audience, or send them an invitation. 
  2. Turn the Live mode ON; you can do this directly from Present.


Live mode has two settings: 

  • Turn on: will allow the owner of the presentation to control the transition from one slide to the other. All other devices viewing the presentation will follow automatically.
    • This mode is ideal for calls and remote meetings. 
  • Turn on and let anyone broadcast: this option will allow anyone that has the link to change slides at any given point. This means that anyone watching the presentation can move to the next or previous slide.
    • This mode is deal for live, in-person team meetings.