Privacy Overview

Whenever you start a new presentation, there's four different privacy settings to work with: 

  • Public: Anyone on the Internet can find your public slides, as they're submitted to Google for indexing. 
  • Unlisted: Only visible for people with access to the presentation URL. 
  • Team: Visible on all team member's dashboard. Editing rights needs to be granted individually on Permissions.
  • Private: Only accessible to the presentation owner. A presentation can be kept private with manual access granted for specific individuals.

From the Dashboard hover over the deck and hit More, then find the “Share” option and access Privacy/Share settings.

Whenever you're working on the presentation, you can access these options from the Settings menu. Then find Privacy/Share.

Once on the Privacy/Share menu, you'll be able to manage Permissions to your presentation as well as to edit the current privacy setting. 

In order to share a Private presentation, come to Permissions and add the viewer's email address, then click on Grant Access. An email invitation will be sent.

You can also enable the Allow Editing switch and invite people to collaborate on the presentation. Keep in mind that in order for someone to edit your slides, they need to sign up first. Check more on our Collaboration article.