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A combination of flawless design, high-end color palettes and a premium selection of fonts, allows you to create profesional looking decks in a matter of minutes.


Become a presentation expert


Our professionally curated templates are the fastest and most stunning way to present your ideas: deliver powerful messages that stand out.


One-click styling

Explore and experiment with hundreds of design combinations. Change your design to match any purpose.


Slidebean ensures that each slide looks as wonderful as the next. The interface gives you the key guidelines to ensure your presentations look their best.

No credit card required


Track all activity on your presentations

Track your viewer's actions for each presentation, from the time they spent interacting with your presentation to the number of slides they saw. Take actions based on their engagement.


Track your viewer's email address and name.


Worldwide location tracking based on your viewers' IP Address.


Know how many times your slides were seen and when.


Everything you need for the best presentations