Simplify the process of incorporating your business

Speed up the process of getting your business off the ground. We make it simple and straightforward to incorporate and get started.

How to make the most of your startup incorporation with Slidebean

Slidebean offers the perfect platform to make your startup incorporation process quick and easy. You'll get all the necessary documents to be fully compliant, and our team of experts will be there to guide you through every step of the way.

Incorporate your business in the US

We take the stress and hassle out of incorporating your company in the US. We’ve teamed up with several partners that’ll handle the incorporation process for you, seamlessly. You can also manage your cap table using one of our legal partners.

Get all the documents you’ll need after incorporation

We have an essential set of documents you'll need post-incorporation, and our team of experts can guide you through the process every step of the way. Let us help you get started on your new business venture today!

Lessons on how to incorporate a business in the US

We have the experience and expertise to help you successfully incorporate in the US and manage your business operations here. Our Lessons can help you avoid the common mistakes we made when starting our business.

Questions about incorporation?

You can book a call with Caya our CEO, or you can connect with our legal experts to discuss questions about your company structure, and get started quickly and easily. We are here to help.

FAQ about incorporation in the US

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