Letter of Engagement

Slidebean, Inc. (“us” or “Slidebean”) is pleased to provide for you our content + design services (the “Services”) for your presentation project. The purpose of this letter is to provide thorough information of the dynamic of work between the client (“you” or the “Client”) and us. The terms indicated herein shall be legally binding for both parties.

I.Scope of Services

Our Services include: (i) The drafting of your deck, in accordance with yourneeds and objectives; and (ii) The design of a presentation using the deckdrafted   by   us   and   approved   by   you,   in   accordance   with   your   stylepreferences, branding requirements and any other project assets yousubmit to our team.

Our Services do not include:

●Market research. The information regarding the market size and/orcomposition  needs to  be  provided  by  the  client,   either  at theproject kick-off call or during the follow up interactions. Our teamwill include placeholders for the client to fill out.

●Production of videos.

●Design of infographics or custom images.

●Creation of logos or any other corporate identity material.

●Production or purchase of photographic assets (stock photos or anyother photos for specific industries). We work with open imagelibraries and use them to provide imagery that represents the lookand feel designed for each slide, these photos are for illustrativepurposes only. You can keep our suggested images or update themlater to include your own photos. Alternatively, you can share yourphotos with our team along with the rest of the project’s assets,before the delivery of the first draft and our team will use them forthe design process. Requests for specific photos are not part of our services.

The specifics of the Services, such as deck features, price and estimate delivery time are the ones detailed in the quote and proposal sent to youvia email and attached as Exhibit A (the “Proposal”) of this engagement letter.   The   terms   and   conditions   established   in   said   Proposal   areconsidered part of this engagement letter and are deemed accepted byyou upon signature of this document.


At the time we send you this engagement letter, you will have receivedour Proposal indicating deck features, price and estimate delivery time.Once we have received this engagement letter and the attached Non-Disclosure   Agreement   (the   “NDA”)   duly   signed,   our   Services   will   beprovided as follows:

●Step 1. Book your kick off call and upload information: You willupload any information and documentation that help us write yourdeck.

●Step 2. Briefing call: You will hold a briefing call with our team, totell   us   about   your   story   and   provide   us   with   your   specificrequirements and objectives. During the briefing call, our team mayrequest any additional information and documentation required forwriting of the deck.

●Step 3. Uploading of additional information: You will upload anyadditional information and documentation requested by our teamduring the briefing call or that wish to be considered for writing thedeck.  

●Step 4. Content writing: We create  your pitch deck content inaccordance with the details provided by you in the briefing call withour Team and information and documentation submitted.

●Step 5. Delivery of the content: We will deliver the first draft of thepresentation content for your approval.

●Step 6. Deck Revision: You can provide feedback on the first draft ofthe deck and our team will make adjustments and send the deckback to you for review and approval. You have up to three rounds ofcontent   revisions   to   make   comments,   questions   and   contentupdates. Our business analysts have full discretional freedom tostructure and write your slides in the best possible way, and inaccordance with their expert criteria. Deck revisions are intended tocomplete the information and enrich it, and it is up to the businessanalyst to determine the extent and limitations of these revisions. Acomplete rewrite of the entire deck is not considered part of therevisions, and if required, it will involve an additional cost which willbe quoted separately.

●Step 7. Fill out the design survey with your design brand assets,graphic references, and other important details for our designers.

●Step 8. Uploading of project assets: If you have not uploaded theProject Assets at the time you approve the content of the deck, youwill upload any Project Assets required for our team to design thepresentation.  

●Step 9. Design concept: with the information and assets you submitin the design survey we will create a graphic concept with somesample slides from your deck for your review and approval. Thisgraphic concept will be used as a base to design the rest of theslides. Our team may request any additional Project Assets notsubmitted previously that are required for the presentation design.

●Step 10. Design process: Once the content of the deck has beenapproved by you and the project assets have been uploaded, ourteam will design a presentation using the deck and design conceptapproved by you and deliver to you a first draft in your preferredformat.

●Step 11. Revisions: you have up to two rounds of design revisions.Our team will make any amendments and send the revised version
to you. Once the final version is approved we will send you theeditable file in the format you selected.

The steps indicated above will be subject to the terms and conditionsestablished in this engagement letter.

III.Project Assets

Prior to our briefing call, you shall provide information and documentationrelated to your history, operation details, financial projections, marketdetails, objectives, market size, go to market strategy and any otheraspects of the company that are useful for our team to write your deck orthat you wish to be included in such. Your deck will be written based onthe   details   given   to   our   team   during   your   briefing   call   and   thedocumentation   and   information   provided   by   you.   Any   additionalinformation and documentation, not requested by our team during thebriefing call, must be provided during the twenty-four (24) hours followingthe   briefing   call   and   our   team   will   not   consider   any   information   ordocumentation   uploaded   afterwards.   Any   additional   information   ordocumentation   requested   by  our  team   for  writing   the   deck   must   beprovided for our team to start working on the writing and the delivery timewill depend on the provision of said information. If you have any specificrequirements on the writing of the deck, please let our team know beforewe start working on the deck, so it is written in accordance with yourneeds.

For the design component of our Services, you shall provide our team withany information, specifications, images, logos, corporate identity materialand   any   other   project   assets   that   you   want   to   be   included   in   thepresentation to be designed by our team (the “Project Assets”), all theseassets can be uploaded through the design survey. Any additional ProjectAssets, not requested by our team, must be provided during the twenty-four (24) hours following the design concept approval and our team willnot   consider   any   Project   Assets   uploaded   afterwards.  

Any   additionalProject Assets requested by our team for designing the presentation mustbe provided for our team to start working on the presentation and thedelivery time will depend on the provision of said additional Project Assets.Our team will design your presentation based on the approved content,concept and the uploaded material. If you have any specific instructions on your presentation’s design, pleaseinclude such instructions as detailed as possible at the time you fill out thesurvey so our team can design your presentation in accordance with yourneeds. Any specifications not indicated at the time the Project Assets areuploaded or during the design concept review, as well as any ambiguousinstructions will not be taken into consideration by our design team.

Our team will not make any changes to your presentation (either the firstdraft   or   the   final   version)   to   adjust   or   include   any   information,documentation, materials or assets that you failed to provide in due time.

IV.Proprietary rights

You hereby warrant that: (i) you own all rights, titles, and interest in, orhave full right and authority to permit the use of the Project Assetssubmitted for the provision of our Services; (ii) the use of this ProjectAssets does not infringe the rights of any third party; and (iii) you are in compliance and will remain in compliance with any licensing agreement inrelation to any of the Project Assets.

You   shall   indemnify   and   hold   harmless   Slidebean   from   any   and   alldamages, liabilities, costs, losses or expenses arising out of any claim,demand or action by a third party alleging intellectual property rightsinfringement on the Project Assets provided by you and included in thepresentation. For the sole purpose of providing the Services, you hereby grant Slidebeana non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Project Assets solelyin connection with the presentation.


Our fees for the Services are detailed in the Proposal based on the deckfeatures required by you. The deck and the presentation will be designedbased on said features. If you should require any additional features,additional slides or consultation calls, additional costs will be applicable. Inthe   event   you   should   require   any   of   the   above,   please   contact   ourCustomer Support team so we can provide a quotation.

VI.Revisions and Deliverables

The delivery time will depend on the purchased Services (i.e. standard orexpedited) detailed in the Proposal. The project will be split into two sections: Writing and Design.


During the Writing portion of the project, the team will work on aplain text (Google Docs) and create the ”Content Draft” that willhave: -The outline of the slides.

-The final copy (text) that will be included in the slides.

-Descriptions of diagrams and other design assets.

The turnaround for your first draft is 3 Business Days (standarddelivery projects) or 2 Business Days (expedited delivery projects)from the moment you have the kick off call with our team and allinformation has been uploaded. For the Writing portion of the project, you will be allowed up tothree (3) rounds of revisions.

The turnaround for revisions is 2Business Days (standard projects) or 1 Business Day (expeditedprojects)   from   the   moment   you   request   your   changes   on   thecontent draft. Once you receive the first version we can answer questions aboutthe deck, include any missing information previously discussed,narrative and other related content tweaks. Revisions do not includethe incorporation of any new ideas or new business proposition. Ifyou require a new approach on your Pitch Deck due to a shift inyour business additional costs will be applicable. Once the Content Draft is approved and sent to the design team, noadditional revisions in the content are allowed.


During the Design portion of the project, the team will transform theContent   Draft   into   the   final,   designed   presentation.   Thispresentation   will   be   delivered   in   the   format   of   your   choosing(Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Apple Keynote or Slidebean). For the Design portion of the project, you will be allowed up to two(2) rounds of revisions.

Our estimate delivery times will be the ones indicated in our Proposal, andthe following terms and conditions should apply:

For the writing portion of the project, if all information and documentationhas been submitted at the time of the briefing call, the delivery time forthe first draft of the deck starts running after the briefing call is held. Ifadditional information or documentation, not requested by our team, isuploaded during the twenty-four hours following the briefing call, thedelivery time starts running at the time the additional information isprovided. If additional information or documentation is requested by ourteam during the briefing call, the delivery times starts at the time youprovide such additional information and documentation.

For the designportion of the project, if all Project Assets have been submitted at the timeof the design survey, the delivery time starts running after the informationis submitted. If additional Project Assets, not requested by our team, areuploaded during the twenty-four hours following the design survey, thedelivery time starts running at the time the additional Project Assets areprovided. If additional Project Assets are requested by our team during thedesign survey, the delivery time starts running at the time you providesuch additional Project Assets. The revision time delivery for both deckand presentation begins after you share the complete feedback with ourteam. The complexity and extent of the requested changes could affectthe delivery time of the revisions, our team will inform you if that is thecase.

The deck and presentation needs are defined by the details filled in theupload form after purchase, the Project Assets you have provided and ourbriefing call. In regards to the presentation, once you have received thefirst version, we can work on visual changes, layout adjustments, imageselection   and   other   related   tweaks.   Revisions   do   not   include   theincorporation of any new ideas or graphics. Revisions of the presentationdo not include any amendment or revision of the content, since suchcontent has been previously approved by you. The Client’s point of contact(as established in section XII.) will be in charge of requesting any changesand approving the project deliverables. If the point of contact is changedby the Client during the project, the new contact point will only be allowedto request the changes detailed above. Slidebean shall not be responsiblefor any creative differences between the Client’s team and therefore willhave no obligation to adjust or make changes to the project deliverablesdue to the Client changing its point of contact. After the first version of the deck or the presentation is sent, you will haveup to two (2) weeks to respond with feedback, once that time has passedthe project will be placed on hold, will no longer be available for any futurerevisions and will be considered as accepted by you. After 3 weeks thefiles will be permanently and irreversibly deleted from our database.
As part of theServices, the team will generate deliverable presentationfiles for you. Such as the final draft of the presentation, which representsthe culmination of any and all revisions performed as part of the Services,once the final draft is delivered the project is labeled as completed and nonew edits are available under that request.The final deliverable file formats will vary depending on the Servicesa cquired, detailed in our Proposal. PowerPoint and Keynote purchases willonly   be   delivered   on   PowerPoint   or   Keynote   formats   accordingly.

Slidebean purchases will only be delivered on a valid Slidebean account asSlidebean   Presentations   and   Google   Slides   purchases   will   only   bedelivered as Google Slides presentations to a Google account given byyou.Our team will identify the deadlines indicated by you at the time ofpurchase and work to ensure that the deliverables are submitted on time.Any failure by you to provide all the necessary Project Assets will affectthe date by which any potential files will be delivered.

VII.Our Team’s Schedule

Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EasternTime. If the purchase is made outside of our office hours the time startsrunning the next business day at 10:00am Eastern Time. However, ourteam needs to have all the presentation assets in order to begin, if afterfilling the upload form you still need to share extra files with us thedelivery time will start once our designers receive said files.

This deliverytime is for the first draft of the deck and the presentation, not for the finalversion. The estimated delivery time of the final version will be as detailedin the previous section of this engagement letter.Our Services include email communications only, no calls are scheduled aspart of the Services, except for the briefing call with our team.If   at   a   later   point   any   other   means   of   communication   are   deemednecessary   by   our   team,   booking   them   will   depend   on   the   team’savailability and will be scheduled on a case by case basis.

VIII.Non-disclosure of Information

All information, documentation and other Project Assets provided by theClient   to   Slidebean   shall   be   considered   as   confidential   information,included but not limited to: concepts, diagrams, drawings, data base,spreadsheets, contracts, know-how, investment plans, marketing plans,sales plans, business plans, marketing strategies, trade secrets, and anyother   technical,   accounting,   legal   and/or   commercial   information.Therefore, Slidebean commits to maintain under strict confidentiality andin consequence not reveal, trade or disclose, in whole or in part, theconfidential information provided by the Client.Our team works under a non-disclosure agreement, to ensure that yourcontent is kept confidential at all times. Once the project is completed anddelivered, Slidebean team will no longer have access to your slides, and allyour information will be permanently and irreversibly deleted from ourdatabase.

IX.Service   Cancellation,   Issuing   of   Refunds   and Indemnification

The Services can be cancelled at any time prior to the moment our teamstarts working on your deck. That means you can request the cancellationof the Services up to twenty-four (24) hours before the briefing call. If thecancellation of Services happens at this moment, we can issue a partialrefund  of   your   purchase,   the   amount   of   the   partial   refund   will   bedetermined at our sole discretion based on the time incurred by our teamin your project.If the cancellation of the Services happens at any time after the indicatedmoment and our team has started to work on your presentation, norefunds   will   be   issued   under   any   circumstances.  

Furthermore,   youacknowledge   that   our   Services   are   provided   in   accordance   to   yourobjectives, instructions, style preferences, branding requirements and anyProject Assets you have provided in due time and that you rely on ourteam’s expertise for writing the deck and designing your presentation,therefore, no refunds will be issued due to creative differences that mayarise between the Client and Slidebean.Furthermore, Slidebean will have no obligation to indemnify the Client ifthe deliverable does not meet the Client’s expectations.

X.Relationship between the Client and Slidebean and NoExclusivity

The provision of Services pursuant to this engagement letter does notcreate any agency, partnership, employment or joint venture relationshipbetween you and us. Furthermore, the provision of our Services does notcreate an exclusive relationship between you and us. Therefore, we areentitled   to   offer   and   provide   our   Services   to   other   clients,   withoutlimitation.

XI.Force Majeure

We will not be liable for any delay in our delivery times due to causesbeyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of war,acts of God, earthquake, flood, embargo, riot, sabotage, labor shortage ordispute, governmental acts or acts of third parties.

XII.Point of Contact

The Client appoints Mr/Mrs. [______], as the point of contact for the project.All communications between Slidebean and the Client will be manageddirectly with the contact point through the email address [______].  If, forany reason, the Client requires to change its point of contact, it shouldnotify Slidebean indicating who will be the new point of contact andhis/her email address. No more that two points of contact will be allowedduring the revisions process.

XIII.Governing Law

All   matters   relating   to  this  engagement  letter,   the   Proposal   and   theprovision of our Services and any dispute or claim arising therefrom orrelated   thereto   (in   each   case,   including   non-contractual   disputes   or
claims),   shall  be  governed  by and  construed   in  accordance  with  theinternal laws of the State of New York without giving effect to any choiceor conflict of law provision or rule.Any legal suit, action or proceeding arising out of, or related to, theseengagement letter or our Services shall be instituted exclusively in thefederal courts of the United States or the courts of the State of New York.By accepting the terms and conditions detailed in this document, youwaive any and all objections to the exercise of jurisdiction over you bysuch courts and to venue in such courts.By signing this engagement letter, you acknowledge that you read and understand the terms and conditions set forth in this document and agree to them.