Characteristics Of Life

All living things share some basic properties. To name a few, the properties include: cellular organization reproduction, metabolism, homeostasis, heredity, responsiveness, growth and development adapt through evolution. Also, all living things are made up of cells, which are smallest units capable of all life functions! If you want to learn more about the characterics of life, take a look at this post! 

Value Chain Analysis

The value chain is a tool developed by Dr. Michael Porter (Harvard Business School). His definition includes all activities to design, produce, market, deliver, and support the product/service. In simple words, the value chain concentrates on the activities starting with raw materials till the conversion into final goods or services. Learn more about the value chain analysis here! 

5 Social Media Tactics That Can Increase Conversion Rates

Using the right social media tactics can define the success or failure of your digital marketing campaigns. Also, this is one of the main reasons why business owners are feeling a tremendous pressure in using the right tactics for their business.

Looking for the right social media tactics can either push your business to new heights or burn a massive hole in your pocket that would take time recover. There's no in-between. 

If you use an end-to-end sales and marketing funnel, social media shouldn’t be something apart. Your social media channels work for your online awareness or first contact with a client. That first connection with your content is crucial because it can lead to a conversion sooner or later. 

If you’ve been doing the same social media strategies for years and you are not getting favorable results, it’s probably time to reevaluate the goals. In this presentation, we show you how! 

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How content can help your sales team close deals

How content can help your sales team close deals

As a marketer, you spend most of the time planning, writing, and experimenting with content to grow your audience and get prospects into the sales reps’ pipeline. But your work doesn't end at that point since content can be leveraged to other uses. Learn here how you can create a content marketing strategy to reduce the gap, engage more prospects, and close the deal! 

Best TV Shows of Every Year since 2010

Every year in television, there's one show that stands out as the most critically acclaimed program of the year. 

Metacritic, a reviews aggregator website, compiles an annual list of the year's most recognized TV shows seasons by assigning them scores based on their composite critical reception. 

In this presentation, we selected the top show from each year, beginning with 2010. It's interesting to see how the list includes appearances from contemporary classics like "Breaking Bad" and "Mad Men." 

Check out the best TV show of the year, starting with 2010! 

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