A personal adviser

When you subscribe to Slidebean, you receive more than a presentation building tool. We assign your team an Adviser that guides you through best practices for getting the most out of our platform.


Adviser benefits


Mastering Slidebean

Your Presentation Success Adviser (PSA) will be there from the start to help you understand our tool easily.


Maximize your subscription

We make sure your plan is worth it beyond the tool. Your PSA will make sure you learn all about the services it includes, and how to use them in the best moment.


Custom Assistance

Making great presentations that communicate your message effectively, engage your audience, and look great is an art. Your Presentation Success Adviser will help you improve your presentations and achieve your goals.


Get in touch with your Adviser

If your plan includes the Presentation Success Adviser benefit, you can get in touch with them anytime using one of the following:


Or you can choose a plan for you and your team with PSA benefits, and your designated Adviser will get in touch with you right away.