Brand Positioning with Examples

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What is Brand Positioning?

In simple words, brand positioning is the process of placing your brand at the top of mind of your customers. It also describes how a brand is different from its competitors. 

When identifying and attempting to "own" a marketing niche for your brand, product or service, you can successfully create a unique impression in the customer's mind. That way, he or she can associate something specific with your brand, that is distinct from the rest of the marketplace. 

Why is important? 

By shaping consumer preferences, brand positioning can improve consumer's loyalty, consumer-based brand equity and the willingness to purchase the brand. Also, an adequate positioning strategy for your brand, product or service can be perceived as different and credible in the consumer's mind. 

Brand Positioning Examples based on:

  1. Size
  2. Shape
  3. Toughness and endurance
  4. Low price
  5. High price
  6. Quality
  7. Time of day
  8. Substitution
  9. Sex of the consumer
  10. Age
  11. Athletic approach
  12. Cultural symbols