The 8 Core Drives of Gamification

As a team project, we recently assigned ourselves to read books related to any department here at Slidebean. One of those books was “Gamification”, by Yu Kai Chou.

Our main goal was to find out if there was a way to apply some gamification techniques to our daily tasks. We ended up loving the book and all the techniques introduced by Yu-Kai . As the author says: "Gamification is the craft of deriving all the fun and engaging elements found in games and applying them to real-world or productive activities."

The book discusses eight core drives found in every game that pushes people to do certain things. Some are inspiring and empowering, while others are manipulative and obsessive. Once you read about this topic, you'll begin to notice them in almost everything!

We did a little summary of the main ideas of the book and each of its eight core drivers in the following presentation:

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