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AI-Powered Design

Our patent pending system uses a genetic algorithm to arrange your content without the need of human intervention. The system analyzes your content and makes optimized decisions in order to design your slides.

Arrange with AI

Experience the power
of artificial intelligence

We started Slidebean with the vision of helping anyone create stunning presentations, while saving them time and money.
Creating professional slides in Slidebean is simple and intuitive, with none of the distractions of traditional platforms.

Blazing Fast Feature

Blazing fast

Every time you click, our system evaluates thousands of slide designs to find the perfect one. All in less than 0.97 seconds.

Pitch-perfect design Feature

Pitch-perfect design

We've tweaked our algorithm to look for arrangements that improve readability and aesthetic appeal.

Smart image recognition Feature

Smart image recognition

An advanced neural network lets us recognize important elements in your images and align them accordingly.

What our customers are saying


One of the most beautiful and user friendly products I've tried!

Pablo Durán


Amazing service! Thanks to Slidebean, I was able to create a presentation that showed EXACTLY what investors wanted to see in an impactful way--and the deck looked gorgeous.

Dani Pascarella


Makes my life easier, my slides are always beautiful and my content is way better now that I focus on it.

Gabriel Serrano


I absolutely love it this program, I needed to present a presentation to potential Equity Investors and your slides helped me create a top notch presentation!

Tahira Tucker


Great service, great presentations, just amazed about how useful this has been for me and my company. Thanks Slidebean.

Papo Murillo


If you’re a start-up company and you need to create a Pitch Deck, you can’t go pass Slidebean. The software is easy to follow in your dashboard online even if it’s the first time you have created a pitch deck.

Paul Ebbels


I have been trying Slidebeen for the last year and a half and have found it most efficient, creative and time-saving presentation design tool. both for beginner and intermediate presentation builders.



The visuals and branding that Slidebean offers create impactful presentations that are engaging and creative. Slidebean has been with me since I started my business, and I look forward to using their platform to create beautiful presentations.

Candance Warner