Inside Slidebean Secret Society

Slidebean Secret Society is a program designed to support, inspire and engage the community of professionals, who use Slidebean to create stunning and beautiful presentations for any purpose! Members of the Secret Society get access to unique perks that our users usually don’t have available. Moreover, they have the opportunity to connect directly and collaborate with us to help Slidebean improve. In other words, becoming a member of this program means that your Slidebean experience will be even better!



Get access to releases way ahead of the others! You can test out our features before they are even out! Also, you'll be able to suggest new implementations for the tool.



Visit the “Slidebean Secret Society” online groups to network with other members. Trade tips and tricks, and provide feedback on each other’s work. 



As a member, you’ll have a personal account manager that will guide you through best practices for getting the most out of our platform! Also, get 24/7 support! 



Members will receive curated content from our team right in their inbox! From font packages to beautiful stock photos to the latest templates! Everything that you need!


Who's eligible to join?

Slidebean Secret Society is open to customers who have shown great engagement and interest in the platform.
At the time you apply, you must be an active user and you should have a paying account.
If you are not a Slidebean user but you are interested in applying, please reach out to us explaining why would you want to be part of the program and how would you like to contribute.

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