Bring an AI member to your team

Teammate learns about your company with each conversation, and can help you brainstorm strategies, and generate hundreds of assets for your business

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GPT-4 Superpowered

Teammate combines the power of GPT-4 with the unique understanding of the business that your team has.
Each interaction and each request make the engine smarter,

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Write landing page copy
Start a SWOT analysis
Write a blog post

Learn Once, Create Anytime

Teammate gets it. With just one learn, effortlessly generate pitch decks, one-pagers, customer profiles, business plans, and more.

No added context needed, plus, it gets smarter every time.

Endless chats? So 2022

Gone are the days of endless chat threads and
re-explaining. Teammate adds the context of every conversation to the business profile, ensuring each interaction picks up right where you left off.

Efficient, seamless, and smarter with each chat.

Chief AI Marketing Officer

Teammate continuously brainstorms, suggesting marketing and growth channels tailored for your business. As you test and iterate, Teammate learns, refines, and delivers even sharper insights.

An AI Assistant for Businesses

Navigate through tonnes of data with custom, auto-generated, relevant reports. Beat the competition with an enhanced social media strategy.

Reverse-engineer their marketing

Teammate can help you track what your competitors are up to, and devise a plan to outrun them.

Plan your entire marketing strategy

Apply the power of GPT to brainstorm marketing ideas, and get instructions on how to deploy them.

Solving Pitch Decks
before it was cool

Our parent company, Slidebean, has been helping founders write pitch decks for over 10 years. We know a thing or two about doing with AI.

Customer Personas

The moment Teammate understands your audience, it can begin suggesting marketing tactics to target them, and help you brainstorm growth ideas.

Find your Audience
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Customer personas
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Make business decisions that help you grow. With data that actually matters.

Schedule posts easily
Plan and create content that connects to your audience.
Enhance customer engagement
Build online communities with effective audience commuincation.
Boost your ROI
Use in-depth reports to build a powerful social media strategy.