Slidebean Track lets you share and monitor activity on your sales presentations, business proposals and investor pitch decks



An intuitive document tracking platform

Track all activity in your business presentations, from the time a viewer spent in the presentation to the number of slides they saw. 




Request viewers to enter their email address, so you can track each prospect individually.



Know where in the world your presentations have been seen. 



Know how many times your decks were seen, as well as the time they spend on each slide.


Share & manage documents seamlessly

Sharing a document is as simple as sharing a link. Never lose control of its privacy.


Privacy Management

We take your privacy seriously. With top-level encryption and easy privacy management options, your documents are stored safely in the cloud.


access Control

Add and remove access with the click of a button. Each presentation has a unique link, that can be disabled when you need to. 


Request verification

If you are sharing highly sensible data, you can request users to verify their email and even sign up, to ensure only your target prospect is able to access your information. 


Present or track on any device


Presentation and documents shared with Slidebean are visible on any device, without the need to install additional software. Views and activity will be tracked regardless of the device your prospect is using. 


Easy to use, awesome results, supreme share-ability

Lauren Bonnema, Xebia

I like the ability to share and then track how people have looked at my slide deck

Sue Frost, Curamicus