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We started Slidebean with the vision of helping anyone create stunning presentations, while saving them time and money.
Creating professional slides in Slidebean is simple and intuitive, with none of the distractions of traditional platforms.

Easy Feature

Super quick 'n easy setup

Presentation software has never been a pleasent experience. Our Content | Design sepearation, as well as our templates, allow you to present your ideas with stunning visuals and little effort.

Style Feature

One-click styling

Explore and experiment with hundreds of design combinations with a single click. The content of the slides can be adapted to any look without having to manually adjust each slide.

Share Feature

Share & track presentations

As a cloud-based presentation platform, Slidebean allows you to share your presentations and track your viewer’s information and actions for each visit. You can also present offline with one-click exports to PDF and PPT formats.

Simply beautiful presentation templates.
Hundreds of them.

Presentation templates created by professionals, from startup pitch decks to marketing proposals and more.
Aibnb Template

Airbnb Pitch Deck

Facebook Template

Facebook Pitch Deck

Consulting Proposal Template

Consulting Proposal

Uber Template

Uber Pitch Deck

Intercom Template

Intercom's Pitch Deck

Snapchat Template

Snapchat for Business

Presentation analytics are the future

Analytics Views Features

Work with your team seamlessly. All the slides of your presentations are always kept in sync.

Slidebean lets you share your presentations and track viewer activity on them.

Each view is recorded individually so you can monitor prospect interactions with your slides.

Helping companies succeed

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It turns the content in your head into a beautiful presentation
Jordan Crook, Techrunch
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Helps anyone create good looking presentations
Anna Heim, TheNextWeb
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The design looks great and it's exactly what I was after
Chris Rock, SIEMonster