On this 30-minute webinar we'll take a look at the key content and design elements that a sales deck should have, as well as the strategies to deliver it efficiently and gauging prospect interest after words. 

This session is ideal for front-line sales representatives as well as sales leaders. Registration is free, and a live recorded version will be send to all attendees. 


About the Hosts



Derek Draper is the VP of Sales at Slidebean. He lead the company's growth tactics that resulted in 439% YOY MRR growth in 2016. Before joining Slidebean, Derek scaled Xero's US Inside Sales Team from 2 to 25 Sales Reps.


Steve Medeiros has become a leader in the sales industry with over 25 years of experience. He has managed teams of inside and outside salespeople, handled professional training, implementation of new sales tools and achieved more than 150% of a six million dollar annual quota. 

When he’s not busy as the Senior Account Executive in he moderates the Sales thread on Reddit.