Getting started: Content creation

3 mths ago

First thing first: input your content. You'll notice that the first slide (Cover) has already been created for formatting purposes and to save you some time. To add a new slide, simply click on the plus button under the cover.



Once you've added a new slide, you'll see a list of all the elements you can use to input your content:



To remove an element, click on the gear icon on the top right corner of the element itself. You can also drag and move elements to rearrange them, using the icon right next to the gear.



When you have created several presentations, you can import slides from other presentations to the one you're currently working on. Click on the magnifying glass and browse other decks using keywords to fetch it.



Finally on the right side of the slide, you'll find two icons: a trash icon to deletethe slide, and a copy icon to duplicate it. 

Above and below the slide number on the left side, there are up and down arrows to rearrange your slides.

Get your content ready and start having fun designing your slides!